‘Fallout’ Series: How to Watch – Release Date and Streaming Information

‘Fallout’ Series: How to Watch – Release Date and Streaming Information

After four seasons of Westworld, creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are bringing another popular sci-fi IP to the big screen with Fallout, Bethesda’s long-running RPG series. Fallout is ripe for adaptation, with a well-realized retro-futuristic world full of fascinating locations, factions, and mutants, and plenty of dark comedy.

If you’re wondering what Fallout is all about or how you can watch it for yourself, check out the information below.

How to Stream and Watch Fallout: Season 1 Episodes Online

On April 10, Fallout: Season 1 will premiere all eight episodes exclusively on Prime Video. The episodes can be seen starting at 6 p.m. PT and 9 p.m. ET.

Amazon Prime ($15/month or $140/year) includes Prime Video. For $9 per month, a stand-alone subscription to the service is also offered.

What is Fallout?

Fallout is a television adaptation of Bethesda’s popular series of post-apocalyptic role-playing video games. Here is the official synopsis on Amazon:

Ella Purnell is Lucy, an optimistic Vault-dweller with an all-American can-do spirit. Her peaceful and idealistic nature is tested when she is forced to the surface to rescue her father. Aaron Moten is Maximus, a young soldier who rises to the rank of squire in the militaristic faction called Brotherhood of Steel. He will do anything to further the Brotherhood’s goals of bringing law and order to the wasteland. Walton Goggins is the Ghoul, a morally ambiguous bounty hunter who holds within him a 200-year history of the post-nuclear world. These disparate parties collide when chasing an artifact from an enigmatic researcher that has the potential to radically change the power dynamic in this world.

Cast of Fallout

Fallout was created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. It stars the following actors:

  • Ella Purnell as Lucy MacLean
  • Walton Goggins as The Ghoul
  • Aaron Moten as Maximus
  • Moisés Arias as Norm MacLean
  • Kyle MacLachlan as Overseer Hank MacLean
  • Sarita Choudhury as Lee Moldaver
  • Michael Emerson as Wilzig
  • Leslie Uggams as Betty Pearson
  • Frances Turner as Barb Howard
  • Dave Register as Chet
  • Zach Cherry as Woody Thomas
  • Johnny Pemberton as Thaddeus
  • Rodrigo Luzzi as Reg McPhee
  • Annabel O’Hagan as Steph Harper
  • Xelia Mendes-Jones as Dane

Will There Be a Fallout: Season 2?

Prime Video has not yet confirmed whether or not there will be a second season, but California has offered the show a $25 million tax credit to shift production from New York to The Golden State.

Check out IGN’s Fallout Wasteland Survival Guide, our cover story that goes into the backstory of the game and the ideas of the creative team behind the TV adaptation, for more information on the series.

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