Facebook launches a feature that allows for many personal profiles

Facebook launches a feature that allows for many personal profiles

Facebook stated today that users would now be able to create several personal profiles in an effort to let users feel “freer” to engage on the platform.

The decision is so logical that it begs the question of why the business waited so long to implement it. Because they wish to keep their personal and professional lives distinct, some Facebook users are hesitant to share updates or postings about their professions in particular groups.

Or possibly if you want to feel more at ease sharing more, you’d prefer to have a profile where you’re only connected to a select number of close friends rather than just acquaintances or someone you worked with five years ago. Or if you’re a big reader and want just one profile with a feed of articles and links with other readers so you can gush over the most recent book you read or whine about how awful another one was.

According to Facebook’s description of the new feature, “We heard from users that clearer organisation of friends, groups, and hobbies helps them feel freer to engage with the audience they believe is most relevant…You can easily organise who you share information with and what content you see for the many aspects of your life by creating several personal profiles.

Users will be able to change between profiles without logging in because each profile will have an unique feed containing relevant information. Other personal profiles won’t initially have access to some features, such as dating, the marketplace, professional mode, and payments.

According to a report, Facebook has been testing the ability to establish multiple profiles for the past year, “The option is now starting to roll out globally as we’ve seen a positive response to giving people more control if they want to separate their social graphs or organize profiles based on interests.”

According to Meta’s most recent quarterly report, Facebook had more than 3 billion monthly active users as of July. Additionally, 2.064 billion daily active users were on the site, up from 2.037 billion during the previous quarter. The last quarter of 2021 saw Facebook declare its first-ever quarterly fall in daily active users, so that increase was important.


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