Eve releases new Matter smart home appliances ahead of CES

Eve releases new Matter smart home appliances ahead of CES

Eve is bringing three new smart home devices to sell by the end of 2023, including an updated version of a long-time favourite, all of which conform to the Matter standard and are compatible with HomeKit.

On Monday, Eve Systems, a Munich-based company, unveiled three new smart devices. An upgraded Eve Light Switch, new in-wall outlets, and smart blinds.

The three new gadgets are compatible with many ecosystems, including Apple Home, since they are all Matter-enabled.

“Eve Energy Outlet, Eve Light Switch and Eve Blinds integrate seamlessly into modern interiors and are a great choice for homeowners looking to design a comprehensive, long-lasting, and energy efficient smart home infrastructure”, according to Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve Systems. “Thanks to Matter, they are the most future-proof choices to manage energy usage, lighting and shading.”

On February 6th, the new Eve Energy Outlet will go on sale for $49.95. Similar to its removable predecessor, the Eve Energy Outlet will include management and the ability to track the amount of energy used by the user.

The switch uses Thread to establish a link with your smart home network, and each outlet has its own address.

Eve’s new Matter-equipped light switch will be available in the second quarter of 2024, which is a little later than expected. It will cost $49.95 as well, the same as its predecessor.

It is physically identical to the prior model, but Matter is included right out of the box. An over-the-air update will be sent to the last-generation unit.

The new Eve Blinds Collection, which is a carefully selected collection of custom-made smart blinds based on MotionBlinds’ core technology, is the last option.

These roller blinds are suitable with Thread and come in blackout and semi-transparent varieties. Eve introduced a new feature called Adaptive Shading, which will change your shades on their own for you during the day.

Before the end of the year and the annual Consumer Electronics Show, where a tonne of new smart home goods are usually unveiled, all three of the new products will be launched.

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