Eurovision Song Contest 2024: How to Watch and All You Need to Know

Eurovision Song Contest 2024: How to Watch and All You Need to Know

Get out your glitter balls and put on your dancing shoes! It’s time to decide who will be crowned the champion of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest. On Saturday, her 4,444 artists from more than 20 countries will take to the stage in Malmö, Sweden, to compete for the continent’s pop music crown. Millions of people across Europe and beyond watch and vote for their favorites.

How to participate.

When does Eurovision start?

In Europe, the final will begin on Saturday 11th May at 9pm. local time. In the United States and Canada, the finale begins airing at 3 p.m. east.

How can you watch Eurovision?

Eurovision is being broadcast live on Peacock in the US.

The competition will be broadcast by the national broadcasters of the participating countries. His website for Eurovision has a list of broadcasters. It will be shown on the Eurovision YouTube channel in some territories.

How do you vote at Eurovision?

Voting begins at the start of the final, and viewers in the US and other non-participating countries can vote online or through the Eurovision app. Viewers in participating countries can also vote by phone or text message.
countries will receive points based on viewer votes and ratings from a jury of music industry experts. These are combined into an overall score and the country with the highest score wins.

Eurovision is new to everyone. What do you need to know?

Eurovision is an international pop music competition where artists from across Europe and beyond compete live to be crowned champions.

The Eurovision Song Contest was started in 1956 after World War II to promote unity and test new live broadcast technology. It has become a fun and feel-good pop music festival that attracts hundreds of millions of people around the world. Member states have increased from seven to nearly 40, including non-European countries such as Israel and Australia.

Known for songs ranging from hymns to the downright ridiculous, combined with elaborate costumes and spectacular staging.

It is also the launching pad for the careers of many mainstream artists, including ABBA, Canadian singer Celine Dion (who represented Switzerland in 1988), and Italian rock band Maneskin in 2021. Last year’s winner, Swedish songstress Loreen, is one of them. Only two people have won this contest twice.

The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest is notoriously difficult to predict. This year’s favorites include Switzerland’s Nemo and Croatian singer Baby Lasagna.

Betting odds on Israeli singer Eden Golan have also risen sharply in recent days. Israel’s participation sparked large protests by Palestinians and their supporters in Malmö during the week-long Eurovision event.

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