Dua Lipa Reveals “Dance The Night” From Upcoming Barbie Movie

Dua Lipa Reveals “Dance The Night” From Upcoming Barbie Movie

On Thursday, May 25, pop artist Dua Lipa released her brand-new single “Dance The Night,” which will serve as the soundtrack to the forthcoming Barbie film. A music video for this new single has been released, and it features a cameo from Greta Gerwig, the film’s writer, director, and executive producer.

The single is, as its name says, truly danceable. The new single from Lipa, who recently released a song she co-wrote with Trove Lo, features drums, bass guitars, string instruments, and all of the essentials of a dance pop song. While clips of Lipa and her background dancers dressed in Lipa’s most recent co-designed Versace collection are cut with clips from the upcoming Barbie movie, the music complements the iconic Barbie visual style, which is full of hot pink sets and plastic looks.

Mark Ronson, Caroline Ailin, and Andrew Wyatt collaborated on the production of the video for this brand-new single. The film’s soundtrack was also created by Ronson and Wyatt.

Barbie The Album, which was executive produced by Ronson and Gerwig, will be released on Friday, July 21. This is the same day that the Barbie movie, which also features a cameo from Lipa, will be released in theaters.

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