DJ Khaled to release new album ‘Khaled Khaled’ on April 30

DJ Khaled to release new album ‘Khaled Khaled’ on April 30

DJ Khaled reported Tuesday that his 12th self-titled album Khaled Khaled will be released on Friday, April 30, by means of We the Best Music, Epic and Roc Nation.

“ALBUM 100% DONE! ITS TIME,” Khaled shared on his socials with the alarm-clock emoji. “I TOLD MY TEAM LETS PUSH THE BUTTON! #KHALEDKHALED THIS FRIDAY APRIL 30TH!”

He guaranteed the album cover next and he conveyed, sharing the art on Instagram. “This my name. This is my legacy. This my COVER. Time to bring MORE LIGHT,” Khaled captioned the post. “I have a gift for the world. I can’t wait to share it with you. Let’s talk tomorrow, are you available?? I couldn’t post any pictures of this gift I had to sign an NDA.” The cover art features Khaled close by his two children: Asahd and Aalam.

DJ Khaled (genuine name Khaled Mohamed Khaled) jumped for joy (and into his pool) a week ago when two celebrated Justins — Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake — had a go at FaceTiming him after submitting their vocals for the upcoming record.

On Monday, he declared Khaled was “99.1% DONE” in a one-minute clip featuring an ensemble singing behind him as he lectured the uplifting news about his impending LP. “Khaled Khaled is coming. It’s special. I worked my whole career, I worked my whole life, and I’m just getting started,” he declared. “But to make this album… was… God’s hands all over it. Be great but be grateful. And remember, the light is love and God is love. When it’s dark, be the sun. I am Khaled Khaled, child of God.”

He affirmed in the comments section of Meek Mill’s “#ZONE” Instagram picture from the chronicle studio that he got the rapper’s vocals also. “Facts ! Vocals is in! KHALED KHALED coming [soon],” he composed on Monday.

Last July, DJ Khaled sent two top 10 singles to the Billboard Hot 100 with the assistance of Drake: “Popstar,” which crested at No. 3 on the chart, and “Greece,” which arrived at No. 8. “As people that are two music execs, two guys that make music, two guys that put out albums, two guys that are bosses and CEOS, we relate to each other in a great way meaning IT’S BIG,” he told Billboard in an interview last year. “If I come to Drake like, ‘Let’s do something,’ in his head, he’s already saying that ‘Khaled isn’t doing just anything.’ That’s how I look at Drake too, because everything he do is big.”

Khaled will be the follow-up project to Father of Asahd, which was released in 2019 and appeared at No. 2 on the Billboard 200. The tune “Higher,” including John Legend and Nipsey Hussle, from the album acquired DJ Khaled his first Grammy at the 2020 Grammy Awards for best rap/sung performance.

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