DJ DC Continues to break big name artists from the Hampton Roads area

DJ DC Continues to break big name artists from the Hampton Roads area

A DJ is a professional artist who adds soundtracks to parties and other events at pubs, nightclubs, venues, music festivals, and wedding events. All DJs have to work hard to fine-tune their skills and get success in this field. Gradually, they can even launch new musical tracks under their own names.


The Virginia-based DC has become quite a popular DJ artist. He enjoys the mass support of his fans and followers. His followers include music lovers starting from teenagers to senior citizens. DJ DC believes passion is the most crucial factor to become a DJ.


Passion for Music


All DJs share their common love for music. They are passionate about music. DJs are never afraid of studying new tracks or listening to the music of a particular genre for hours.


“As a DJ, you must be passionate about all kinds of music. You have to develop a keen interest in the music of various genres. I have performed at many places and played a wide variety of music and soundtracks in those venues. You have to meticulously play tracks depending upon your audience and purpose of the event,” DJ DC said.


Stage Presence


DJ DC has an electrifying stage presence. He quickly resonates with his fans within moments they arrived in the hall or venue. He prefers playing peppy tracks and foot-tapping music.


“From my experience, I can recall that a DJ has to be sharp-minded and spontaneous. Once a soundtrack comes to an end, you have to immediately play a new track to keep the audience hooked. These days, the audience wants to experience something new and innovative. So, you have to be spontaneous at the live events with a great sense of humor,” DJ DC commented.


Start It Early


All DJs have been big fans of music in their childhood. If you want to be a DJ, start it early. Practice hard. You have to give full time, effort, and dedication to learn Djing.

DJ DC also started performing early in his life. It helped him shape up his career and get proficient with various tracks and musical tunes, which are so much in demand at parties and events. Now, he is a popular DJ and getting an even much bigger platform to show his talents. 


Get a Mentor


DJ DC believes having a mentor is necessary to succeed as a DJ artist. Alternatively, you should get an internship from any senior DJ and they will teach you the nitty-gritty of it.


“I learned everything from scratch. I believe the real turning point in my life came when I got to meet with the CEO of the GIFT AND THE CURSES DANCE CREW. I performed for them at a club at the Old Picassos. I became an overnight star after it. Each of the guests at the event appreciated my Djing skills and presence of mind. I am thankful to everyone who supported me in my career,” Dj DC explained.


Make Each Performance Count


DJ DC feels it’s the responsibility of the DJ artist to enthrall the audience. They must give their best and make each of their events memorable. In the case of DJ DC, he performed at African American Cultural Centre, Club Love (Washington DC), and Lingerie Birthday Bash of July 24th, 2009, at Blakey’s Night Club, Chesapeake Virginia, and made each of the events as his own.


DJ DC feels blessed to have performed at each of these events and gave his best. He is now looking forward to attending these events as the US is finally opening up for stage shows and music fests after the pandemic.


The Future Ahead


Starting one’s career as a professional DJ seems easy, but it’s not that simple.


“You have to always be on your toes. Once a show or event is over, you have to immediately start preparing yourself for your next show. I receive many performance requests from Event Managers, Show organizers, and NightClub Owners, but I also spend a lot of hours to make myself well prepared for my next DJ assignment,” DJ DC concluded.


You can follow DJ DC on Instagram to keep a tab on his lifestyle and new announcements.


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