Discover Gleec Pay, your New Virtual Banking Solution

Tallinn Estonia, November 16, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE, Virtual Banking is a worldwide tendency. As of 2019, its penetration in the EU markets reached 58% and it’s set to grow with exponential speed in the next few years. The need for virtual accounts keeps growing along with the development of technologies and the migration of the society for the online in every niche.

Factors such as the mass adoption of online shopping and digital currencies are the bases behind Gleec Pay, a fully-functional bank account with IBAN number. The new virtual banking solution will be fully functioning from the 1st of December of 2020, but it’s already possible to apply from the comfort of home.

With a fast on-boarding and a careful compliance system that englobes all types of users, individuals or business, low risk or high risk accounts, Gleec Pay allows the creation of the account without excessive bureaucracy and with a real-time approval process available.

Accessibility and convenience come allied to several other benefits. As soon as the account is opened, the International Bank Account Number IBAN, that is necessary for cross-border payments within Europe and to other countries, is issued. Therefore the account becomes unrestricted and borderless.

As an European Money Institution that provides all the services entirely virtually, security is one of the main concerns. The platform is supported by a high security protocol and meticulous compliance process that guarantees absolute data privacy and safety to online transactions. This way, offering the strict standards of regular banks without the tiring protocols.

The banking solution is also integrated to Gleec Ecosystem, a decentralized digital ecosystem powered by blockchain technology that provides a range of products and services in several areas of expertise, including digital currencies, e-commerce and telecommunications. Users of Gleec Pay will also be able to make the most of the system that includes a Visa top up card.

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