Databoards Emerges As The New Forerunner In The Field Of Data Analysis

In the times of Covid, more and more companies are opting for tech adoption. In such cases, Databoards has emerged as a buzzing name as it offers incredibly detailed, efficient, and custom data analytics.

[Houston, Texas] dated November 23rd, 2020: Databoards is one of the top data analytics companies that has been creating a massive name for itself. The company was founded back in 2015 but ever since the pandemic has forced several firms to opt for tech adoption, it has come to the forefront.

Databoards carries out complete data analytics as they connect all the different companies’ softwares into one central location. With a central data warehouse loaded with the company’s valuable blended data, they perform in-depth analytics that has the power to change the fate of the firm by giving them the most valuable insights.

Databoards realized that there are so many firms that are capturing data, but not analyzing it and with the rapid tech advancements by companies such as Google, you can now connect data warehouses directly to spreadsheets and obtain insights that were never before available. For the first time in history, you can now literally analyze billions of rows of data in a single spreadsheet.

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, “There is tremendous ROI on investments in analytic solutions, and according to Nucleus Research, it is a whopping 1,300%. It is important to tap this field and make the most of it. This is precisely what we aim at doing at Databoards.”

The challenge with analytics has always been costs. The cost to hire an in house analytics expert is about $100k a year and a full stack developer is another $90-$120k. If there is any silver lining with COVID, it’s that companies are moving to a remote first workforce and can now take advantage of contracting companies for their analytics needs at a fraction of the costs to do it in house.

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About Databoards

Databoards is a data analytics company that was started back in 2015, helping companies from $5mm to $2.5B in revenue. Databoards transforms raw data from all different softwares, spreadsheets, and databases into valuable insights. Insights that allow companies to make better, faster decisions, anytime, anywhere. At Databaords, we turn raw data into dashboards.

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