Currently, Atlanta has restaurants with Michelin stars

Currently, Atlanta has restaurants with Michelin stars

The capital of Georgia now has Michelin-starred eateries among its tourist attractions.

In a ceremony held at the downtown Rialto Centre for the Arts on Tuesday night, five Atlanta restaurants each received one Michelin star.

The one-star reviews for Atlas, Bacchanalia, Hayakawa, Lazy Betty, and Muj marked the publication of the French travel guide in the area.

One honoree predicted that the Michelin presence would broaden the culinary community.

“It’s going to just continue the momentum of what’s already been building here,” said Aaron Phillips, one of Lazy Betty’s two executive chef/owners, bringing fresh inspiration and talent “to come and join our city and cook with us.”

To be quite honest, our team deserves it more than we do, added Hsu. Inspectors from Michelin stated that Hsu and Phillips “oversee a contemporary tasting menu with clever flavor combinations that highlight regional ingredients.”

One to three stars are awarded to restaurants. The Michelin star ranking system classifies “high quality cooking” as “worth a stop.” Therefore, Atlanta has two more extremely competitive rankings rungs to pursue.

The city’s “dynamic culinary landscape” was lauded by Michelin.Its anonymous judges “left impressed with the diverse offerings, as the selection of restaurants not only reflects a taste of the South, but also has a good amount of international flavour,” Gwendal Poullennec, worldwide director of the Michelin Guides, said in a statement.

Additionally, Bib Gourmand

Ten restaurants in Atlanta have received Michelin’s Bib Gourmand classification, which is given to eateries with excellent food at reasonable rates. The Michelin Young Chef Award was given to Jarrett Stieber, the chef of Little Bear, one of those restaurants. The Michelin guide will feature 45 eateries from Atlanta, including 30 that are highly rated.

The green star, Michelin’s most recent honour for sustainability leaders, was given to two Atlanta restaurants, Bacchanalia and The Chastain, in 2020.

The more than a century-old Michelin restaurant rating system emphasises five factors, including consistency (each restaurant is inspected several times a year), quality ingredients, flavour harmony, mastery of cooking techniques, and reflection of the chef’s personality and voice in the cuisine.

The Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau is one of the tourism boards that Michelin works with “to promote the travel industry in the respective locations,” the company stated in announcing the publication of the Atlanta guide in July. Such alliances have in the past caused controversy. The business stated that its hiring procedure is “completely independent.”

The second US Michelin guide to launch this year is Atlanta. Colorado restaurants that have received Michelin stars were unveiled in September.

In order to serve as a reference for motorists travelling, the French tyre firm released its guidebooks in France in 1900. Michelin launched its first destination in North America, New York, in 2005. This year, Michelin has published guides for Miami/Orlando/Tampa, Florida; California; Chicago; Washington, DC; and two new US guides. Toronto and Vancouver are considered Michelin destinations in Canada.


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