ChromeOS 104 is coming with new features

ChromeOS 104 is coming with new features

This week, users will start receiving Google’s most recent update for ChromeOS, which includes support for switching to a dark theme. Following the appearance of dark mode settings in additional Google products, it made its formal debut on ChromeOS 104 after previously being hidden behind developer flags while in testing.

The new dark style would make it easier to “read at night or in low light, and to conserve electricity,” according to a Google blog post about the upcoming feature. Switching to a light theme would change the entire UI and wallpaper to make everything “bright and airy.” Up until this point, ChromeOS’s software only offered a “Night Light” feature to help you see your screen in low light by altering the screen’s tint.

Additionally, ChromeOS 104 has a “auto” setting that allows it to change its colour scheme automatically according to the time of day, switching between a light and dark theme and offering matching wallpaper options that can gently change along with it.

In ChromeOS 104, you may modify your display theme in the following ways:

  • Access Settings
  • Select Personalization
  • Select Set your style and wallpaper.
  • Depending on your desire, choose Light, Dark, or Auto mode.

By pressing your touchpad with two fingers and choosing the option from your home screen, you can also access the Wallpaper & Style options.

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