ChatPDF’s AI chatbot can tell you all you need to know about your PDF, so here’s how to use it

ChatPDF’s AI chatbot can tell you all you need to know about your PDF, so here’s how to use it

You’ll probably come across PDFs on a daily basis because they’ve become the industry standard for sharing files.

These files, whether a one-page job offer or a 100-page academic paper, frequently contain a lot of text that can be difficult to understand.

Now, ChatPDF is a free AI tool that can help you with everything you need to read PDFs.

The chatbot will provide you with a summary and questions to ask to learn more about the file as soon as you upload your PDF to ChatPDF.

The chatbot’s ability to instantly respond to any PDF-related inquiry is its most useful feature. It even gives page references to where it found its solutions, so you can do your own examination.

How to Use ChatPDF?

You don’t even need to create an account to get started. This makes it simple.

However, users of the free plan can only upload three PDF files with no more than 120 pages each day. You can pay $5 per month to upgrade to a plus plan if you need more access.

You can begin once you have decided whether you need to upgrade or stick with the free plan.

1. Download your PDF

After locating the PDF for which you require ChatPDF’s assistance, you will need to download it to your computer. I like to add mine to my work area, as seen by the screen capture underneath, on the grounds that it makes it simpler for me to find the record.

2. Visit ChatPDF

Once your PDF has been downloaded, you can now visit ChatPDF’s website.

3. Upload your PDF

Select the PDF you want to upload to the chatbot by clicking on the Drop PDF here section. You can also simply drag the file into the section titled “Drop PDF Here.”

4. After you have uploaded the file, you will be taken to the actual chatbot where you can start asking questions. There you will be met with a concise synopsis of your PDF, too as proposed questions you can get some information about the document. Starting here, you can choose where the discussion goes!

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