Casey’s Reveals Their All New Sandwich Menu

Casey’s Reveals Their All New Sandwich Menu

The shop, Casey’s, which is most known for its pizza, has increased the variety of sandwiches it offers.

A press statement from the firm states that “Casey’s will be there with its new, craveable and portable sandwich selection as the on-the-go guest becomes even more time-strapped.”

The retailer’s breaded pork sandwich has been upgraded, and the sandwich lineup is a first for Casey’s, with three brand-new options: hot crispy chicken, quarter-pound Angus beef burger, and crisp chicken.

Senior vice president of prepared food and dispensed beverages at Casey’s Brad Haga remarked, “Our guests will be delighted when they find all of these delicious sandwiches in our warmers now, including my personal favorite—the spicy crispy chicken.” “In partnership with our culinary and operations teams, and our suppliers, we nailed these new sandwiches. The guest feedback from our soft launch has been overwhelmingly positive and now we’re sharing with all of Casey’s Country that we are the place to get a high-quality sandwich when you’re on-the-go.”

The lineup for sandwiches:

  • Spicy crispy chicken sandwich: Made with a marinated and breaded fillet in a mixture of red chili pepper and spices, this spicy crispy chicken sandwich is served warm on a brioche-style bun with crunchy dill pickle chips.
  • Crispy chicken sandwich: Warm brioche-style bun topped with crispy chicken sandwich created with a marinated and breaded fillet in a blend of delicious spices, and crunchy dill pickle chips.
  • Quarter-pound Angus beef burger: Warm brioche-style bun, topped with melted American cheese.
  • Breaded pork sandwich: Warm brioche-style bun topped with a tasty pork fritter and a sandwich of seasoned sliced pork.

During the month of March, Casey’s guests will receive a medium fountain drink for his 49 cents when he buys one of these sandwiches. Promotion lasts until April 30, 2024.


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