Burger King offers free Whopper deal, Here’s how to get

Burger King offers free Whopper deal, Here’s how to get

Burger King is offering free Whoppers or Impossible Whoppers with any $3 purchase, which is wonderful news for burger lovers everywhere. Burger King locations in the United States that are participating will offer this special from February 28 to March 1, 2024.

Take that, Wendy!

Why Wendy’s? For Burger King’s gesture goes beyond simply providing customers with an excellent deal. It is intended to provide them with a counterpoint to Wendy’s, which recently experienced a public relations breakdown around the prices it will be charging for its burgers and other products.

Burger King’s announcement of free burgers comes as Wendy’s CEO said during an earnings call with investors that the company is using “dynamic pricing,” or what investors and the media are calling Uber-like “surge pricing.” This comes a few days after the company said it could start rolling out the settings. The proposal would have allowed Wendy’s to adjust the prices of menu items based on time of day, demand, location and even weather. But after receiving a lukewarm response on social media, Wendy’s backed down and announced it would no longer introduce dynamic pricing, but would instead allow some stores to offer customers a fixed discount during low hours. Reuters reported.

How to get a free Whopper

Diners can order online or through the BK app. A Royal Park account is required. Before ordering, you must enable the free His Whopper offer in the Offers tab of the app or on the BK website. Offer does not apply to delivery orders. One offer per account.

Price increases are nothing new and can benefit both businesses and consumers. Ride-sharing giant Uber changes ride prices depending on demand during rush hours and bad weather. Airlines and hotel companies have also benefited from price fluctuations and increases for years. But when Wendy’s announced price increases earlier this week, diners went wild.

Wendy`s reverses course

Although the new digital menus would enable Wendy’s to “change the menu offerings at different times of day and offer discounts and value offers to their diners more easily, particularly in the slower times of the day,” the company said in a statement on Tuesday that they “would not raise prices when our customers are visiting us most.”

Still, BK’s flame is the only thing that’s thriving right now.


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