BTS’ J-Hope Releases New “Special Album” and Documentaries

BTS’ J-Hope Releases New “Special Album” and Documentaries

J-Hope, a member of BTS, has revealed the release of the Hope on the Street Vol. 1 album and the Hope on the Street docuseries. The six-part docuseries’ premiere airs on Prime Video on March 27. The record will be released on March 29.

According to a press release, the “special album” would have six tracks that, in conjunction with the documentary series, “organically dive into the theme of ‘dance,’ the core of J-Hope’s artistic roots and identity.” The singer travels to a number of locations in the series, including Seoul, Gwangju, South Korea, Osaka, Paris, New York, and others. Along the way, he meets street dancers who inspire him.

J-Hope has shared a project called Hope on the Street through his career, which includes a number of dancing videos. A brand-new trailer from the series teases what’s coming in 2024 while showcasing a few of his previous dancing videos.

Hope on the Street Vol. 1 is available for preorder starting today, February 18, at 9 p.m. ET. After the docuseries debut on March 27, new episodes of Hope on the Street will air every Thursday and Friday thereafter.

J-Hope updated his fans in October on his mandatory service in South Korea (he enlisted in April).

He added, “Although I am working hard and adapting faster than I expected, I feel a lot of pressure… because my role is to lead and help young Koreans take their first steps in the military organization.” He continued by saying that he had just been promoted to the army’s “Super Warrior” rank. He wrote, “I do my best at every moment in the situation and there are good results.”

BTS announced that they will suspend their activities in 2022 as all seven members complete their mandatory military service. This group he plans to meet again in 2025.

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