BRICS Membership Update: Top 3 Countries Show Want to Join BRICS

BRICS Membership Update: Top 3 Countries Show Want to Join BRICS

The number of countries expressing interest in joining the BRICS alliance is expected to increase sharply in 2024. This year alone, three new countries formally submitted applications to join the bloc and became members of the group. The alliance plans to decide on new countries to join and reach a common understanding at its next summit in October. The upcoming 16th summit will be held in Russia’s Kazan region, where the BRICS countries will decide on further expansion.

BRICS: Top 3 new countries prepare to join the alliance

Since the beginning of 2024, three new countries have formally expressed interest in joining her BRICS group. Three new countries have expressed interest and formally submitted applications to join BRICS this year:

  • Zimbabwe
  • Cameroon
  • Pakistan

All three developing countries are economically weak and aim to join BRICS in order to revitalize their respective economies. But there is nothing in these three countries that would open a new forum for discussion that the BRICS countries could use and abuse against the United States. They rely solely on alliances for their advancement and do not give anything in return.

Therefore, the likelihood of them being added to the block this year remains relatively low. The alliance last year invited mainly oil-producing countries to join, saying they could use their energy sectors to counter the United States.

Furthermore, India is not happy with the prospect of Pakistan submitting an application to join BRICS. Pakistan is seeking cooperation from Russia and China to join the bloc. Since membership is based on consensus, India is likely to vote against Pakistan accepting an invitation to join.

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