Bitcoin’s Halving Event: Top 3 Cryptocurrencies to Include in Your Portfolio

Bitcoin’s Halving Event: Top 3 Cryptocurrencies to Include in Your Portfolio

The upcoming Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) halving is one of the most anticipated events of the year for crypto investors, and for good reason. Past halving cycles resulted in Bitcoin’s stratospheric rise and new all-time highs. Of course, all eyes are on Bitcoin at the moment.

However, even after the half-life, another interesting phenomenon occurs. The top altcoins tend to increase significantly in market capitalization as they follow Bitcoin’s rise. And in fact, some of these coins even outperformed Bitcoin in the 12 months following the halving.

With that in mind, here are three cryptocurrencies that are likely to continue rising in 2024 and 2025.

1. Solana

Solana (CRYPTO: SOL) has cooled significantly since the hot year of 2023, when its value rose over 900%, but it is still keeping pace with Bitcoin in 2024. For the year, Bitcoin is up 66% and Solana is up 67%.

A lot of that has to do with the fact that Solana is currently considered “the next Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH).” As Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood pointed out last November, Solana is essentially a cheaper, faster, and more efficient version of Ethereum. Just like Ethereum was one of the best altcoin performers during the last Bitcoin halving cycle, Solana will also be one of the best altcoin performers during the next Bitcoin halving cycle. There is a possibility.

Add to this the fact that Solana has a strong mobile cryptocurrency strategy and this cryptocurrency has an opportunity to differentiate itself in the upcoming bull market cycle. Unlike its competitors, Solana now has a phone that is optimized for encryption. This opens up all sorts of new possibilities, including the possibility of gaining an even bigger share of the crypto gaming market.

2. Chainlink

Chainlink (CRYPTO:LINK) could be a sleeper candidate to outperform Bitcoin over the next 12 months. Granted, Chainlink is only up 15% year-to-date, but we need to look ahead to see how far it can go in the next bull market cycle.

Chainlink is at the forefront of a long-term financial trend known as the tokenization of real-world assets. This refers to the process of converting real-world assets into digital assets that can persist on a blockchain. You may not have heard of this trend, but many big names on Wall Street are now firmly behind it, including the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock (NYSE: BLK). According to Boston Consulting Group, asset tokenization could become a $16 trillion market opportunity by 2030.

If Chainlink were to capture even a fraction of this market opportunity, it could be huge for its future growth prospects. And there are many reasons to believe this could be the case.

On the other hand, Chainlink is already the most trusted data oracle in the cryptocurrency world, providing real data for the pricing of financial assets. Second, Chainlink is working on a new blockchain protocol (known as CCIP or Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol) to connect blockchains. This makes it much easier to seamlessly transfer tokenized financial assets between blockchains.

3. SingularityNET

Finally, make room in your portfolio for AI cryptocurrencies with high return potential. As Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood pointed out in her 2024 Big Ideas report, there are many opportunities at the intersection of artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies. With all the excitement surrounding AI, it can be hard to beat the hype right now, but one AI cryptocurrency that intrigues me is SingularityNET (CRYPTO: AGIX).

Unlike ChatGPT, which focuses on generative AI, SingularityNET focuses on artificial general intelligence (AGI). This is a much bigger market opportunity that could completely change things for humanity.

I’m not exaggerating here. Token’s name refers to the “technological singularity,” or what he calls the moment when one computer becomes smarter than all humans combined. (Don’t worry, SingularityNET is committed to a benevolent form of his AGI that doesn’t enslave humanity.)

Investing in AI cryptocurrencies comes with a big risk factor, but SingularityNET is at least a little There are two factors that lead to reversal. Less risk. First, the team behind SingularityNET, led by AI researcher Ben Goertzel, is world-class. And secondly, the current price of the SingularityNET token is just $1. This seems like a very low price to enter the exciting world of super-intelligent AI.

Not all altcoins are the same

However, keep in mind that the risk increases dramatically each time you start dabbling in the altcoin world. So be careful when expanding your exposure beyond Bitcoin. In the case of Bitcoin, there is at least a proven track record after the halving. Things get even more complicated when it comes to crypto in emerging areas such as asset tokenization and artificial intelligence.

But if you want to diversify your crypto portfolio with some big winners in the post-halving cycle, his three names of Solana, Chainlink, and SingularityNET should be at the top of my list. there is.

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