Beyoncé announces $500K fund for cosmetology school and salons

Beyoncé announces $500K fund for cosmetology school and salons

Announcing $500,000 in grants to support salons and scholarships for cosmetology schools, Beyoncé is flexing her philanthropic muscles in the hair care industry as she introduces her new line of hair products.

The talented singer “Texas Hold ‘Em” announced on Tuesday that her new haircare product Cécred and the BeyGOOD Fund, her charitable organization, will be collaborating.

According to a BeyGOOD statement, “Hairstylists have an immense impact on the people in their chairs.” “They create a sacred space where we can show up how we want and express ourselves through our hair. We’re honored to give back to this amazing community.”

The funds will be distributed annually to scholarships and grants to salon businesses in five cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and New Jersey. According to an announcement posted on social media, each cosmetology school was chosen because of its large and diverse community of cosmetologists.

Beyoncé talked about her haircare business and how growing up in her mom’s salon helped her realize what she wanted to achieve with the rest of her life in an Essence cover story interview.

The performer told the publication, “It was in her salon that I realized my dreams of being a performer — inspired by one of her clients who happened to be an opera singer.” “I distinctly remember telling my mom that I wanted to be just like her client.”

Beyoncé also shared some information on why she didn’t make the aesthetic decision to chop off her hair in a pixie cut in 2013. She said in the cover article that she wanted to shut down the connection between her hair and her identity as an artist.

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