Best 3 Altcoins To Increase From $1 to $10 by the End of May

Best 3 Altcoins To Increase From $1 to $10 by the End of May

Bitcoin’s 14% drop in April has continued this month as the bearish influence on the market intensifies. As BTC price struggles near the psychological milestone of $60,000, certain altcoins are gearing up for an uptrend.

These altcoins are poised to swim against the overall market downtrend and could explode to new unprecedented heights this month. Additionally, will a bullish reversal in Bitcoin drive a rally in these altcoins, or will supply increase if BTC price dips below $60,000?

Top 3 Altcoin Bets For 10x Profit by End of May

Velo (VELO)

Velo Labs is an innovative federated lending exchange network built on the Velo protocol It is revolutionizing financial transactions. Facilitate digital loan issuance and cross-border wealth transfers through a robust smart contract system.

Velo Labs uses the Stellar Consensus Protocol for fast and secure transactions and is extremely versatile. Supports a wide range of business applications. The focus is on the ability to issue secure digital loans tied to any fiat currency. This increases the transparency and efficiency of value exchange.

VELO has a market capitalization of approximately USD 186.7 million, which ranks it at number 290 in the crypto market.

The recent upward trend in the price of VELO token has attracted the attention of many investors looking for undervalued, low-cap altcoins. The altcoin bull market is attractive, with gains of over 300% over the past six weeks, and we expect an even stronger trend this month.

With an all-time high of $2.07 and a current market price of just $0.0251, there is a lot of upside potential for Velo. If the market bull run continues, altcoins could easily grow more than 10x in 2024.


LeverFi provides a revolutionary platform that seamlessly combines trading and yield farming, allowing traders to get more out of their investments. Users can deposit various types of collateral, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and liquidity provider tokens from Curve and Uniswap, for larger scale integrations and transactions.

LeverFi improves trading efficiency with a simple commission structure that charges just 1% per trade.

The LEVER token price will show a reversal up in 2024, expanding by almost 200%, providing an opportunity for entry into the breakout. The altcoin broke through the $0.003750 resistance zone and is poised for a big move higher this week.

If the bull market in Bitcoin and his DeFi sector continues, altcoins could rise 10x in May.

High Street (HIGH)

The HIGH token is the backbone of Highstreet, a play-to-earn metaverse that combines decentralized trading and VR support. Additionally, this ecosystem enables liquid currency exchange between the physical and virtual worlds. It provides a unique marketplace where in-game items have value in-game and can be exchanged for real-world goods.

As players navigate the Metaverse, they acquire items that transcend digital boundaries and enhance virtual and physical experiences.

HIGH’s market capitalization is his $230.3 million, ranking him 258th in the world. Additionally, HIGH’s price action reflects its all-time high of $40.26, giving it an 88.65% discount to its current price of $4.57.

Moreover, the altcoin has seen a significant increase of over 100% in the past four weeks. Buyers could witness a significant rally this month as altcoins gain bullish momentum.

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