Augusta National Women’s Amateur 2024: Ranking of the Top 5 Players

Augusta National Women’s Amateur 2024: Ranking of the Top 5 Players

The fifth Augusta National Women’s Amateur is just days away and will be held April 3-6. The first two rounds of the 54-hole tournament will be held at Champions Retreat’s Island and Bluff Nines. The top 30 and tied players then advance to the final round at Augusta National.

Each player is given a chance to participate in a practice round, after which the last player is kicked out. This makes it unique compared to other women’s amateur tournaments. The first leg of this year’s women’s tournament sparked great anticipation and excitement in the golf community with a more diverse roster of players. The top five finishers in the Augusta National Women’s Amateur are:

Best Golfers on the Green at the 2024 Augusta National Women’s Amateur

For the past four years, American players have dominated this event. That’s because three of the past four champions are from the United States. But this year is different. The competition is more balanced, with 36 American players and his 36 international players in the mix. This means that other players also have a better chance. With that in mind, let’s rank the players in the 2024 field.

Ingrid Linblad:

Ingrid Linblad is currently the number one amateur in the world. The LSU golfer recently won the 2024 Clemson Women’s Invitational Tournament at the Reserve Club on Lake Keowee. But for now, her main goal is to move up the rankings at the Augusta National Women’s Amateur, and although she has had a stellar career since 2021, she was never able to actually hoist a trophy. In her rookie year in ANWA, she finished third alongside Pauline Roussin-Bouchard, Rachel Heck, Emma Spitz, Karen Fredgaard and Rose Zhang.

In 2022, Latanna Stone finished tied for second place with two eagles each on the 8th and 15th holes of the final round. However, her last year was her setback as she missed the 36-hole cut. Because of this, they were unable to go to Augusta National Golf Club and were left with unfinished business. She will definitely be one of the hottest players this year.

Megan Schofill:

Megan Schofill is the 2023 U.S. Women’s Amateur Champion and three-time Augusta National Women’s Amateur. However, she missed out on qualification in both 2021 and 2022. She finally made it to the finals last year when she went to Augusta National Golf Club, finishing tied for 14th with Maria Jose Marin, Crystal Wang, Gianna Clemente, Amanda Sambach and Monet Chun. This year, their only goal is to win a trophy and take it home.

Anna Davis:

Anna Davis became the youngest golfer to win the Augusta National Women’s Amateur at age 16 during her rookie year in 2022. She managed to beat Ingrid Lindblad and Latanna Stone, who shared second place. She shot a final round of 69 to finish 1 under, but last year didn’t go as planned for the No. 3 amateur golfer in the world.

She missed the appearance and was also involved in a huge controversy. She was accused of breaking two very important rules. She cleaned the ball and placed it on the second shot of the first hole. She received a four-stroke penalty for this incident and received strong criticism from the golf world. Despite this, she is the only defending champion in the field this year, making it an important year for her trophy haul.

Julia López Ramirez:

Julia López Ramirez won the European Women’s Amateur 2023 and secured second place in the amateur world ranking. Last year was also her rookie year in ANWA, but she didn’t qualify. But it looks like 2024 will be her year! She already has six top-five finishes, including her win over Darius Rucker in March. She is focused on her putting game at the Augusta National Women’s Amateur and is focused on winning a trophy this year.

Asterisk Talley:

Her two-time U.S. Junior Asterisk Talley will make her debut at this year’s Augusta U.S. Women’s Amateur. She succeeded in setting a new women’s points record by winning the 2024 Junior Invitational held at Sage Valley. Talley shot 9 under through 54 holes, and the rising star has already qualified for the 2023 Junior Solheim Cup. Her 2024 season also got off to a very strong start, securing three top-15 finishes, including her win. Looks like he will shine even in his rookie year!

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