Atome – Buy Now Pay Later Hong Kong Making The Shopping Dreams Happen with Easy Payments

12th January 2021 – Why to yearn and wait for the moment to come in, and you then buy your desired product, when you can have any product, you want to buy with ‘Buy Now Pay Later Hong Kong’? Although the trend has started grabbing the attention, and one witnesses the market with numerous companies slipping into this business. But the customer will attract to the ones offering benefits as Atome does (zero percent interest).

Buy Now Pay Later Hong Kong

Atome (also called and famed for Buy Now Pay Later Hong Kong‘) lets you see your desires happening with a 0% interest rate on any product you buy.There is no denying in saying that a customer attracts where he or she is offered the option to buy a product and then pay for it later. Atome provides the same to its customers and lets them own the moment, and this is what is also claimed by the company.

There is no need to hide your aspirations anymore, they are now within your reach. Get any product you want and pay in 3 easy payments with 0% interest. This concept is widely famous as buy now pay later and the samea customer gets from Atome.

Empowered Shopping – You Are in Control

With Atome, a customer is totally in control and everything is in his or her own hands with safety and security. A customer:

  • Can manage your spending
  • Will not be charged any interest or hidden fees
  • Will set-up a breeze account
  • Have the control to track his or her payments from the mobile app
  • Can shop at 100 retailers across the region, online or instore

About Atome – Buy Now Pay Later Hongkong

It is a leading Buy Now Pay Later brand in Asia that was launched in December 2019. It is pronounced as ‘A-Toe-Me’ and stands for ‘Available to Me’. From the name, one can understand the business nature of the company. The company has so far partnered with over 1500 top online and physically existing brands (retailers) of fashion, lifestyle, beauty, fitness, and homeware. Atome’s service is available in various countries across Asia namely Hong Kong, Singapore, Mainland China, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

How Does It Work?

1. The shoppers buying online should select Atome during checkout. If you are at a physical participating retailer store, just scan its QR code.

2. Once done, Atome will automatically split your bill into 3 equal payments.

3. Check the payment schedule on the Atome app under Bills.

So, buy now pay later.

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