Ariana Grande announces upcoming studio album ‘eternal sunshine’

Ariana Grande announces upcoming studio album ‘eternal sunshine’

The title of Ariana Grande’s new album, “Eternal Sunshine,” proves that the fans were right.

Now available for preorder, Grande’s seventh album will be released on March 8.

Due to a glimpse of a business card with some coordinates in the teaser trailer for the first single off the album, “yes, and?”, fans surmised that the album would be named “eternal sunshine” right away.

Those were the coordinates for Montauk, New York, the location of the Jim Carrey movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” The theory was advanced by Grande when she reacted with a red heart on a fan’s Instagram post.

Grande has two connections to the movie: first, she has stated that Jim Carrey was her childhood hero, and second, it seems that Mac Miller, her late boyfriend, loved the movie as well. Miller died away in September 2018.

Although Grande recently confirmed that the artwork for “yes, and?” is also one of the album’s covers, no other information regarding the album, such as a track list, has been made public.


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