Apple Watch prevents a woman from getting a dangerous blood clot

Apple Watch prevents a woman from getting a dangerous blood clot

A woman was able to wake up from a nap thanks to an Apple Watch, which alerted her to a blood clot that could have killed her.
Numerous individuals have cited the Apple Watch’s built-in heart-monitoring features as the reason they sought medical attention. The Apple Watch is said to have saved a Cincinnati woman from a potentially fatal situation in another example of life-saving technology.

One day, Kimmie Watkins decided that a nap might help her feel better when she was feeling unwell. She had believed that her lack of food was to blame for her dizziness and lightheadedness.

Local12 reports that her Apple Watch alerted her to a high heart rate of 178 beats per minute, so the nap was short-lived. Watkins explained that the Apple Watch woke her up after an hour and a half with an alarm “that said that my heart rate had been too high for too long. “So for over 10 minutes, it was too high.”

Watkins was informed that she had a saddle pulmonary embolism as she went to the doctor. Dr. Richard Becker, a cardiologist at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Medicine, said that because it “saddles both the blood vessel to the right lung and to the left lung” blood clot.

A saddle pulmonary embolism had a 50% survival rate, according to Becker.

Watkins also discovered that she had a clotting disorder, despite the fact that she had no previous history of heart issues. She is currently taking blood thinners and working to regain her stamina.

Watkins now hopes that other people will start wearing smart wearables that monitor health, like the Apple Watch.

“It might be seen as staying too connected or something, but I think it can be helpful in a health sense, and not just in a connect-to-people sense,” she added.

The occurrence occurs just over a month after an emergency responder was summoned by the Apple Watch fall detection feature to rescue a woman who had suffered a heart attack in May.

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