Apple TV officially launches new ‘Multiview’ feature for MLS and MLB live sports

Apple TV officially launches new ‘Multiview’ feature for MLS and MLB live sports

Apple today made the Multiview feature available for Apple TV 4K, after being available for about a month in beta. Upgrade your Apple TV set-top box to tvOS 16.5 in order to take advantage of the new feature.

Apple TV users can simultaneously watch up to four streams of MLB Friday Night Baseball or MLS Season Pass with Multiview.

Apple’s exclusive MLB Friday Night Baseball matches and all games streamed as part of the MLS Season Pass package are currently covered by Multiview for live sports games on Apple TV 4K.

You need an Apple TV 4K running the most recent version of tvOS to use Multiview. When at least two games are being streamed inside the TV app, the feature is available. A ‘4×4 framework’ symbol shows up in the video player, which you can tap on to begin a Multiview meeting.

You can easily keep track of multiple concurrent games at once by arranging a grid of up to four matches that are playing at the same time in Multiview mode. To hear the audio cost of a specific stream, hover over a tile.

The arrangement of the video tiles varies based on the number of streams running. You can customize the layout to your liking in two-up or four-up mode. Whenever, you can likewise tap on a tile to extend that game to full screen briefly.

In our hands-on coverage from last month, you can find out more about how this feature works.

Currently at least, the implementation is not compatible with other video content in the TV app or integrates with third-party apps (though some third-party apps, such as DAZN or ESPN+, already provide their own quad-box multiview version). In addition, it is unclear whether Apple intends to offer the Multiview feature in the TV app on additional platforms in the future, such as the iPad or Mac.

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