Apple is launching MacBook Air M2 with dual-port power adaptor

Apple is launching MacBook Air M2 with dual-port power adaptor

Apple revealed the M2-powered MacBook Air at its WWDC 22 live webcast earlier today, which also supports rapid charging with a 67W charger. That charger is sold separately, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of a new charger being included in the MacBook Air’s box. In some versions of the new MacBook Air, a 35W dual-port charger will be included in the package, rather than the standard 30W charger.

In reality, it appears like Apple will release two varieties of this dual-port charger. The “compact” version that comes with the MacBook Air has the USB ports on the bottom, but there is another version on Apple’s shop that has a similar design to the existing charger. Both variants are the same price ($59) and have the same 35W power rating.

However, there is one significant difference: the outlet plug. Apple’s World Travel Adapter Kit, which lets you swap out the plug so you may charge your laptop when you travel to a different country, does not appear to work with the tiny version of the power adapter. This type appears to be more compact, but that could be a significant trade-off.

You’ll need to configure an M2-powered MacBook Air with a 10-core GPU and at least 512GB of storage to acquire the Apple dual-port charger.

However, the introduction of this new charger is intriguing because 35W isn’t a lot. If you want to charge two devices at the same time, having only 35W implies one of them will charge slowly. Apple doesn’t say how power is divided between the two ports, but in any case, at least one of your plugged-in gadgets is sure to charge at a snail’s pace.

If you want to charge your MacBook Air faster, the 67W charger isn’t new; it’s only that it’s compatible with the MacBook Air for the first time. This power adapter is similarly $59, and to get fast charging functionality, you’ll need to utilise the MagSafe 3 charging cable (included with the laptop).

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