Announcing the launch of the new video-sharing app VMOZO that has everybody moving

Ahmedabad, India – An exciting new application, Vmozo has entered the market and is available for download on Google Play. Vmozo is a video sharing social platform where users can publish 15 to 30-second videos.

With a linear scrolling interface, what sets this app apart is the fact that it understands its target audience entirely too well. It carves out a niche among Gen-Z Indians & delivers a platform that is unique to them, their values and entertainment consumption habits.

It allows users to follow their favourite creators either directly through the app or by scanning a dedicated QR code. They can even discover new content using the ‘For You’ area, which is tailored to their preferences and viewing habits. Users can further discover new content using hashtags that are relevant to them.

As more and more consumers become creators in the internet ecosystem, apps like these are instrumental in providing platforms to young and talented individuals that want to share content with like-minded people.

One particular feature that rewards such creators is that of coins. Users can show their appreciation for their favourite creators by sending them coins right through the app. Creators can then access these coins using a wallet that is built into the app. This is an innovation on the current video social platforms that we see in the market.

The app has a high rating of 4.6 on the Google play store and is already raking in great reviews. One user said that they enjoyed the creative and diverse aspects of the app, especially the fact that “it is the best app to express ourselves.”

The creative features within the app indicate the same. This includes filters, edit modes and a vast library of music available for use by creators. They also encourage moving beyond the scope of regular content and creating short vlog-style content, including cooking videos, DIY, sports and more.

Users also await the update where they can access new and exciting features such as the ability to broadcast live, make duets with friends and image templates.

About Vmozo

Vmozo is the debut app of a technology company based in Ahmedabad, India. The video-sharing platform boasts a host of creative and innovative features; two values reflected in the products they create.

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