Amazing Success of Romy Johnson Catches EdTech Industry by Surprise

Amazing Success of Romy Johnson Catches EdTech Industry by Surprise

Romy Johnson is a hardworking and dedicated entrepreneur who at the age of 21 made over 3.5 cores with his startup Cool Gurus. His inspiration and journey to help students prepare for IELTS from the comfort of their home have led to his success.

There is no better-experienced person to ask about the future of ed-tech than Romy Johnson himself. In the recent interview, Romy Johnson shared a few important developments that could happen in the ed-tech industry in the coming years. 

  • Self-learning will become easy and popular

Self-learning is a very important and core part of learning any skill. Human beings have thrived on self-learning from the beginning of the Stone Age. As EdTech will make information more interactive and easily digestible, self-learning will become a popular way to learn any skill including learning languages, programming, and other academic subjects. Also as course material will be available online, people will prefer to self-learn from the comfort of their home.

  • Formal education at schools and colleges will transform greatly

While the world has changed significantly with the advance of technology, our education system has remained stagnant since the 1950s. This will not continue as we move formed. The education system is waiting for its update. The process of teaching and learning will become more interactive as it will be supplemented by EdTech technologies that will support rapid learning in the schools. This will also give emphasis on application rather than memorization.

  • Freedom to learn

Students can study the topic of their interest at any point in time and choose a method that suits them. Also, the location will not be fixed at school. If something interests a student, he or she can study it and not wait until the tutor at school covers that particular topic in the sequence as per syllabus.

  • Personalized education will get greater emphasis

Today’s education system ignores the fact that every child is different and they learn better in different ways and have their own pace of learning. With EdTech the learning becomes highly productive as the delivery of information can be done in interactive ways by using animation, pictures, videos and other media formats instead of text used in traditional forms of education.

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