According to reports, Meta plans to release its first realistic AR glasses in 2027

According to reports, Meta plans to release its first realistic AR glasses in 2027

Employees have received a copy of Meta’s most recent hardware roadmap for augmented and virtual reality, and according to report that the company intends to offer its first full-fledged AR glasses in 2027. Even though the company intends to introduce additional augmented reality glasses prior to that time, the product that it will introduce in four years is the same one Mark Zuckerberg believes could be Meta’s “iPhone moment.” That is, he believes it has the potential to disrupt the industry and become as well-liked as the iPhone.

The glasses, which are anticipated to be quite pricey, will reportedly be able to project avatars as high-quality holograms superimposed on top of the real world. Before it is released to the general public as Meta’s “Innovation” line of advanced smart glasses for early adopters, employees will have the opportunity to test the device first in 2024.

According to The Verge, the company also talked about the other augmented reality and virtual reality devices it is launching before its full-fledged AR glasses are ready. It appears to be releasing a sequel to Ray-Ban Stories, which it developed in collaboration with Luxottica, this fall. Later this year, the Quest 3 headset, which is anticipated to be twice as light and powerful as the Quest 2, will also be available. Additionally, Meta intends to introduce a virtual reality headset with the codename “Ventura” in 2024 and to market it “at the most attractive price point in the VR consumer market.”

Meta intends to introduce the third-generation Ray-Ban Stories a year later, in 2025. The “viewfinder” display will be used to instantly translate messages into other languages, scan QR codes, and view incoming texts. According to reports, the glasses will be controlled by hand movements, and users will eventually be able to type messages on a virtual keyboard. Meta is also working on a smartwatch that will go with these glasses.

Meta is not the only major technology company that intends to offer augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) glasses and headsets in the coming years. The long-awaited mixed reality headset from Apple is expected to be unveiled at the June WWDC conference. It is anticipated to cost up to $3,000 and include advanced features like dual 4K displays and controller-free input. However, rumors suggest that Apple is working on a less expensive version that will be more accessible to a wider audience.

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