According to reports, Google’s Pixel Watch will include an Apple-like range of straps

According to reports, Google’s Pixel Watch will include an Apple-like range of straps

Swappable straps are standard on any modern smartwatch worth its salt. It’s no surprise, then, that Google is said to be developing a variety of strap alternatives for its upcoming Pixel Watch. According to report, the wristwatch will have at least seven straps available when it comes this autumn, including the one shown during the I/O keynote.

Google is working on a Milanese-style mesh band, two types of leather bands, a link bracelet, a fabric band, and a silicone band, according to the company. It’s also rumoured to be working on a stretchy option similar to Apple’s Solo Loop. If it sounds like Google is copying Apple’s strategy, that’s because it is. The majority of the Pixel Watch’s specifications are still unknown, but based on what we do know, it’s evident that Google is attempting to compete directly with Apple’s Watch. That tactic is aided by providing similar strap alternatives.

Watches, whether analogue or smart, are a reflection of one’s particular style. The Pixel Watch will not appeal to a larger audience unless Google offers a wide range of options. The safest option for Google would have been to utilise a regular 20-22mm strap. That would have alleviated Google’s load while also providing customers with a plethora of fashionable options that can be worn with both mechanical and analogue watches.

However, it isn’t doing so. It’s going with its own proprietary straps, as we saw in the Google I/O sizzle trailer. So either Google is confidence in its designs, or we’re about to get some pretty ugly or uninspired smartwatch bands from the same people who brought you the Pixel 6 cases.

When it comes to straps, smartwatch manufacturers, including Apple, have largely failed. Even though You adore these devices, just a few of them are as appealing as their “dumber” predecessors. Horween leather straps from Fitbit? they are  not sure you do call those leather. Apple’s leather link band has been requested by the ’70s. I’m not even going to mention the perforated smartwatch bands, which are monstrosities. Silicone straps are great for workouts, but they’re a little too flimsy for formal evenings.

They are argue that discerning Pixel Watch owners could look to third-party accessory makers, but if you choose with a proprietary strap, that’s not a guarantee. Third-party accessories for Google gadgets aren’t abundant on Amazon, and there aren’t many fashionable options. Probably because (yet) not enough people are purchasing enough Pixel smartphones to justify the expense. If you search for Pixel phone cases on Amazon, you’ll get around 7,000 results.

In the end, performance and Wear OS 3 will be the most important variables in judging whether or not the Pixel Watch is “good.” To make a difference, enough people must think, “Yeah, I’ll pay premium prices to put that on my wrist!” So it’s probably a good idea for Google to ensure sure its straps at least match those of its competitors. It’s just assuring that the Pixel Watch won’t amaze us either, at least cosmetically.

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