A Hustler’s Guide To Start DJ’ing: In The Words Of New York’s DJ Beyond

A Hustler’s Guide To Start DJ’ing: In The Words Of New York’s DJ Beyond

Born In Lower East Side, Manhattan in 1983, DJ Beyond grew up in an environment that was studded with melodies and musical events. He is an award-winner DJ and entrepreneur. In hopes of inspiring and helping young DJs, Damian Perez Jr. or DJ Beyond shares what he has learned over the years.

Don’t Be Afraid To Begin From Scratch

“I got introduced to the music scene while lifting heavy boxes for my dad’s band. If I hadn’t done that or thought of it as something invaluable, nothing would have ever been achieved. Those humble beginnings led me to perform at New York’s finest venues like Limelight, La Marina, Sky Room, High Bar, and Stonewall. Another thing that I did was to start my event management company right after finishing school. I and my friend built the business with hard work, loyalty, and humility. If you are afraid to start in a bad condition, you’ll never reach better times.”

Aim For Nothing But The Best

“When you are a fresh DJ, most of the work you get is small gigs and parties. I’m not saying that these opportunities should not be availed, but don’t just stick to them forever. Have big goals for yourself and your career. Without that, you’ll just fade among the crowd. I remember that when I was a new DJ, I aimed to become the best at blending music. People who partied to my music appreciated it but I was fortunate enough to get the Best Blend DJ by Urban Mixx Awards and the nominee for Best Duo & Blend DJ in the Justo’s Mixtape Awards. Another thing I suggest everyone is to make as many corporate clients as they can. These are mostly long-term, high paying, and add a lot to your portfolio. I was lucky to work with Pepsi, Marriot Hotels, and others.”

Try To Be More Diverse

“Becoming the best at things is a must but never limit yourself to a certain number of things. If I talk about myself, I started BeyondRest entertainment while I was initially pursuing my DJ’ing career. On top of that, there were many opportunities for me to come on television. WE TV’s Bridezilla, VH1’s Love & Hip Hop, and MTV’s Wild n Out are among them. All this helped me meet many successful people and learn a lot from them. I have worked with Lizzo, Ne-Yo, Ariana Grande, and others.”

Involve Your Family In Your Dreams

“Most people do not get their family’s approval and support to follow their dreams. It’s because dreams may not always seem like the best option or even a practical one. I deeply urge everyone to get their families involved with their life goals. Even though it may not be an easy thing to do. My mother got me turntables for Christmas when I was fifteen because dad saw my talent and told me to wish for them. I openly admit that there would have been no DJ Beyond if my family hadn’t done that.”

These four pieces of advice are the residue of all that he had witnessed in his career. DJ Beyond shares these in goodwill and hopes that people get help from them.

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