7 things to consider before launching the Super Mario RPG

7 things to consider before launching the Super Mario RPG

The Super Mario RPG was beautifully rebuilt for the Nintendo Switch while keeping all of its original charm.

This is a challenging game. New players may be surprised to learn that, despite the visuals being updated to 2023, most of the basic in-game processes remain the same. The remake offers some improvements in terms of quality of life, but it also includes a lot of retro features that may take some getting familiar to.

Some initial advice that we wish we had known when we first started the Super Mario RPG is listed below.

Even though it seems similar, this isn’t the Mario & Luigi or Paper Mario series

You have certain habits to break when it comes to Super Mario RPG if you’ve played the other Mario RPGs a lot. Firstly, adversaries will not be harmed by preemptive hits given outside of combat, so there’s no need to rush them. The A button will also allow all of your characters to duck and strike, which leads us to our next piece of advice.

During Combat, Keep Your Thumb On The A Button

It won’t help to lollygag around by taking your thumb off the A button because you’ll need to respond fast to block incoming harm. You might as well leave the A button there as you’ll be utilising it to perfect timing when launching attacks.

Remember to utilise your flower-increasing items

Only when utilised outside of battle, Flower Tabs and similar items raise your maximum Flower Point total. In a pinch, you can strategically use these products (again, outside of battle) as they will also replenish your Flower Points to their full value.

Purchase healing items, but be mindful of item limits

Remember that you can only carry a certain number of each healing item, so make sure you have plenty on hand. The chest at Mario’s house will receive extras.

Yes, simply purchase the best equipment from the shops

Simply purchase the items from the shop if you’re unsure about upgrading your gear because you think the dungeon you’re about to enter will have better gear. The Super Mario RPG doesn’t actually force you to budget your coins because you don’t really outgrow your equipment. You shouldn’t worry too much about your new equipment being wasted too soon because you’ll have a lot of cash and only a few different weapons will be awarded by dungeons.

Continue honing your Mario Special Jump skills

Landing consecutive Super Jumps is one of the best ways to equip Mario for the finish game. You must land 30 in a row to obtain the accessory, and a staggering 100 in a row to obtain the armour. The sooner you can begin honing that timing, the better.

When possible, navigate quickly using the menu instead of the world map

Open the menu and navigate from that map to go back in time instead of utilising the overworld map. There are more precise travel destinations shown on this map. For instance, you can choose to go to Belome’s Temple, the Tall Cliff, or the entrance to Land’s End rather than just being placed at the start of the area. By doing this, you’ll avoid having to go back a long way to reach your destination.


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