7 Things ChatGPT Can’t Do That Google’s Bard AI Can

7 Things ChatGPT Can’t Do That Google’s Bard AI Can

There has never been a more exciting competition for the best AI-driven chatbot. OpenAI, backed by Microsoft, released the prototype for ChatGPT in November 2022. Since then, institutions and individual users have been utilizing the chatbot for its surprisingly imaginative and human-like responses to solve user queries in a matter of seconds, ranging from completing school essays for students to complex codes for programmers.

Presently, at the yearly Google I/O 2023 engineer’s meeting last week, the tech giant opened admittance to its Bard AI to 180 nations, including India. So, people have been trying out Google’s new chatbot and writing about their experiences on blogs and social media.

While ChatGPT is for sure proficient, there are sure limitations in its functionalities and elements, which makes Bard AI a superior chatbot to work with.

Read on to find out about elements and abilities accessible on Bard AI, yet not on ChatGPT.

Access to the Internet

Bard AI is always connected to the Internet because it is integrated with other Google products like Search. Based on online information that is current, this aids in the generation of prompt responses.

In contrast to ChatGPT, whose knowledge is limited to events prior to 2021, this also indicates that Bard AI will be able to generate responses for topics that are more relevant to the present.

Image Inputs and Outputs

In its prototype form, ChatGPT can only respond to text-based prompts. In addition, it will only be able to generate response text.

On the other hand, Bard AI is able to generate responses to images. For instance, if you search for something like “Tell me about New Delhi,” Bard might also show you images of some well-known landmarks in New Delhi.

ABP Live was able to confirm that despite Google’s announcement that Bard would soon have image capabilities, the chatbot is still unable to do so. It is reasonable to assume that the ability to generate images will soon be added.

Summarise Web Pages

Since Bard is associated with the Web, it can sum up internet based articles, online journals, or simply whole sites in no time. Sharing the URL with Bard is all that is required. Conversely, ChatGPT is still unable to do so.

Export Text

On Bard AI, when you create any reaction, you will see a choice to send out the message either by means of Gmail or Google Docs. Researchers and programmers may particularly benefit from this.

There is no export or share button provided by ChatGPT. The text response will need to be copied as needed.

Explain Code

Bard AI’s ability to use its online connectivity to explain the functionality of any code from a GitHub link is a useful feature for programmers.

Check Additional Drafts

When you create a response on Bard AI, you will have the option to display additional drafts that the chatbot has prepared for your query. Along these lines, you can switch between various drafts easily, without asking the chatbot to re-draft a reaction.

Voice Input

Last but not least, Bard AI is able to respond to voice commands on both the mobile and desktop versions. This can help users who prefer speech as their primary mode of input in addition to making inputs faster.

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