5 new mood filters are available on YouTube Music: Know all about it

5 new mood filters are available on YouTube Music: Know all about it

Since its debut in 2015, YouTube Music has worked to establish a following and solidify its position among devoted music lovers. Although the YouTube Music app is quite comparable to Spotify, it also has fierce rivals like Apple Music and Amazon Music. Due to its simple, user-friendly features and wide range of music genres, the app has amassed a sizable user base. YouTube Music has introduced five new mood filters that open playlists based on chosen moods in an effort to draw in more users. Recognise more about them.

Introducing the new mood filters on YouTube

According on a story. The five new mood filters on YouTube Music are Cry, Party, Romance, Feel good, and Sleep. Some Redditors also mentioned the new mood filters. The five new mood-based filters on the app may provide you the opportunity to further customise your listening experience in accordance with your mood preferences. The app’s prior filters previously included Commute, Energise, Focus, Relax, Workout, Podcasts, and others.

It is a given that the “Cry” filter may have sad songs and the “Romance” filter may contain playlists of love songs. The recently added mood filters are only currently visible on a small number of Android and web apps, but it is expected that more users will soon be able to use them as well. Users will have more freedom to listen to music in accordance with their moods thanks to these additions. They will be able to play music based on their environment thanks to this as well. For instance, you could use the “party” filter to play entertaining music at a party.

Please be aware that the new YouTube Music filters are being introduced gradually, so not all users will have access to them at once.

What is a mood filter?

Users can now customise their home page and “My Mixes” with the new “Activity Bar” feature that YouTube Music unveiled in 2020. A few mood filters in the activity bar direct users to a new site with tunes and playlists based to their chosen mood. It originally just featured four mood filters, but over the past few months, additional have been added.


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