5 key features of the upcoming iOS 17.4 update

5 key features of the upcoming iOS 17.4 update

Apple’s upcoming iOS 17.4 update, scheduled for release on March 4, 2024, is an important release for iPhone users. This update heralds a wave of changes driven by both external regulation and Apple’s commitment to improving the user experience. Let’s take a closer look at the important additions and possible impacts:

IOS 17.4: A comprehensive look at upcoming iPhone features

1. Expanding your app choices: Using third-party app stores

The ability to use third-party app stores on iPhone is definitely a It is of utmost importance. and potentially permanent change. The move, prompted by the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), marks a major change in Apple’s app distribution model. Although the initial implementation does not reflect the open nature of Android, users will have access to alternative Apple-approved app stores, such as the upcoming Setapp beta. This first step paves the way for a potentially more diverse app ecosystem within the iPhone environment. This could potentially lead to further competition and innovation. However, it’s important to note that the specific limitations and guidelines for these third-party stores are not yet clear, so the impact on the overall app landscape will become clearer over time.

2. Freedom of Choice: Setting the Default Browser and Unbundling Your Web Experience

For users who prefer an alternative web browser, iOS 17.4 lets you choose your default browser during the update process or in Settings. This eliminates the need to manually change settings for each app previously, optimizing your web browsing experience. Additionally, it allows browsers to use their own rendering engines, which increases flexibility and potentially improves performance for browsers such as Chrome that can take advantage of Chromium. This separation of Safari’s web experience gives users more control over their favorite tools, making the browsing experience on iOS devices more competitive.

3. Improving your podcast experience: Introducing podcast transcription and accessibility features

The native podcast app is getting a major upgrade with the introduction of real-time audio transcription. This feature is similar to that in Apple Music, providing a full-screen transcript that updates in sync with your audio. Easier to understand and navigate within your podcast. This addition targets a wider audience by improving accessibility for people who are hearing impaired or who prefer visual aids while listening. Additionally, this update could pave the way for future features such as keyword search for podcasts. It will enhance your overall listening experience.

4. Express yourself with new emojis and a diverse palette

This update introduces a nodding “yes” head, a trembling “no” head, a phoenix, a file, a mushroom, a broken chain, and various family-related symbols. This variety of choices covers a wider range of emotions and situations. Empower users to express themselves more effectively in digital communications.

5. IPHONE 15: New Battery Settings Section and Focus on User Experience

iPhone 15 users will encounter a revamped Battery Settings section with a focus on user-friendly experience. Instead of showing a percentage of health for a particular battery, this update shows a simplified status indicator (“Healthy” for a healthy battery). Although this approach may not seem very detailed, it is intended to help users clearly and easily understand the battery status at a glance. However, users who want more information about charging cycles and exact percentages can still access this data within the update settings. This change reflects Apple’s focus on simplifying information while providing users with important data points.

Beyond the Highlights: Additional Features and Important Developments

Beyond these features, iOS 17.4 introduces additional improvements and bug fixes. Notably, this update prepares us for the launch of next-generation CarPlay, scheduled for later this year. It promises a more integrated and immersive in-car experience. Additionally, iOS 17.4 highlights Apple’s continued commitment to security and privacy through improved security protocols and user controls over data sharing.

Overall, iOS 17.4 is an important update for iPhone users, offering more control, personalization, and accessibility features. While the long-term impact of the changes, especially regarding third-party app stores, remains to be seen, this update demonstrates Apple’s commitment to evolving its mobile operating system and adapting to the changing regulatory landscape.

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