World Red Cross Day 2021: Know History, Theme, Significance of the day

World Red Cross Day 2021: Know History, Theme, Significance of the day

World Red Cross day is seen on May 8 every year to remember the standards of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

On this event, individuals honor a large number of volunteers for their great contribution to humanity.

May 8 additionally addresses the birth anniversary of Henry Dunant, who was the author of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the recipient of the first Nobel Peace Prize. Notable events like these are normally matched with relevant themes that change each year.

Theme of World Red Cross Day 2021:

World Red Cross Day 2021 theme is suitably named ‘Unstoppable’ this time. This may have been named considering the progressing COVID-19 pandemic and how volunteers and frontline workers all throughout the world are sharing strength to those in need relentlessly during this time. While the greater part of us are approached to remain at home, a few brave ones are out there on the roads helping those influenced by the virus selflessly. These unstoppable heroes are celebrated today and rightfully ought to be each day.

World Red Cross Day History:

World Red Cross Day history dates all the way back to World War I when the idea of an “annual celebration for those who majorly contributed towards world peace’ first carved in.

The proposition for ‘Red Cross Truce’ was first approved in 1936 during a Tokyo meeting however it was solely after World War II, in 1946, that it was contemplated by the then-League of Red Cross Societies (LRCS).

Following this, in 1948, the principal Red Cross Day was celebrated. Preposterous, the official title of the day witnessed a few elaborate changes lastly came to be known as “World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day” in 1984.

Significance of World Red Cross Day:

The Indian Red Cross Society, which was founded in 1920, will praise its 101st anniversary this time. With the Covid pandemic influencing lives all over, it is more harder for volunteers to move forward and change the lives of the ones in need.

Their strength during these tiring occasions is impeccable. Despite the fact that individuals are encouraged to stay at home today, they can in any case celebrate the meaning of humanitarian agencies all throughout the planet by sharing kind words about them via social media, going to virtual conferences that watch out for social issues, donating, and figuring an approach to help them intricately.

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