World Oceans Day 2021: Know Theme, History and Significance of the day

World Oceans Day 2021: Know Theme, History and Significance of the day

World Oceans Day is celebrated consistently on June 8, the International Center for Ocean Development (ICOD) of Canada proposes World Oceans Day at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

World Oceans Day, then again, was pronounced by the United Nations in 2008. The day looks to promote public interest in ocean management and resources while likewise supporting the execution of Sustainable Development Goals.

Seas take up more than 70% of Earth’s surface and more than 90% of our planet’s habitable surface. Around 97% of the water found in this globe is in the oceans. The aquamarine world likewise harbours countless species of fish and plants. The latter produces most of the oxygen on this planet. Seas gives us food and livelihood.

History of World Oceans Day:

On June 8, 1992, at the Earth Summit of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), the Oceans Institute of Canada proposed the possibility of the observance of a international ocean’s day. It required 16 additional years for this idea to prove to bear fruit. In 2008, the United Nations General Assembly, driven by Canada, passed the goal 63/111, through which they declared that June 8 would be observed each year as World Ocean’s Day. The debut recognition happened a year later and had the theme “Our Ocean, Our Responsibility.”

Theme of World Oceans Day 2021:

The theme for this year is World Oceans Day is “The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods.” As indicated by the United Nations, in excess of three billion individuals work in ocean based industries and that number will ascend with a growing human population. Reasonable utilization of oceans is expected to prevent oceanic resources from being depleted or damaged to alarming levels.

Significance of World Oceans Day:

Since the ocean is home to most of the world’s biodiversity, it is a significant source of protein for over a billion people worldwide. The ocean is vital to our economy, with ocean-based sectors expected to utilize 40 million individuals by 2030. They are utilizing the ocean beyond what it tends to be renewed, with 90% of significant fish populations disappearing and 50 percent of coral reefs devastated.

To safeguard and keep up the ocean and all that it upholds, they should find some kind of harmony dependent on genuine information on the ocean and humanity’s relationship with it. Furthermore, making a ocean connection that is inclusive, inventive, and beneficial to the ocean and the species that lives inside it.

How might World Oceans Day be celebrated for this present year?

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, World Oceans Day 2021 will be the second virtual gathering. It’ll be very like the earlier year’s occasion. Individuals can spread awareness about World Oceans Day by sharing about it via social media platforms, organising virtual meetings, and by participating in virtual events.

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