World Mental Health Day 2022: Simple Ways to Take Control of Your Mental Health

World Mental Health Day 2022: Simple Ways to Take Control of Your Mental Health

The global celebration of World Mental Day on October 10 is a fantastic effort to raise awareness of problems related to mental health. Our mental health has suffered greatly during this period when the entire world has been dealing with the pandemic, in addition to our physical health.

Covid-19 has significantly harmed people all across the world. People have endured a seemingly unending number of problems, including losing their jobs, loved ones, money, health, solitude, and being confined by lockdown. As a result, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of cases of depression and anxiety among frontline health workers, students, children, and adults (living alone or with sick patients, or with pre-existing mental diseases).

Because of this, finding solutions to mental health issues has never been more urgent in such demanding situations.

Let’s learn about some methods for managing our mental health on this World Mental Health Day:

Engage in a worry-drop-

Keep a journal to record your worries and joyful moments. Continue to keep a journal to keep tabs on your development. Record your happiness as well as how long you felt nervous and when it subsided.

Choose a new timetable, and be easy on yourself-

Create space for a new, modified timetable that would allow for cancellations. It will take time to adjust. Keep in mind that the cognitive and emotional load must be handled carefully. In order to protect our emotional health, we must be open to the possibility of change that is beyond our control. Concentrate on what we can manage, such as our health, exercise, and taking measures.

control your stress level-

Set your mental health as a top priority by building a strong foundation around:

  1. Exercises: to promote good sleep, stress reduction, and mental tranquilly.
  2. Practice good sleep hygiene: by avoiding using your phone, TV, or laptop 30 minutes before bed.
  3. Clean eating: Regardless of whether you feel depressed or not, stay away from junk food, overeating, and not eating at all.
  4. Meditate: As meditation improves mental health, including at least 10 minutes of it in your daily routine.

Maintain contact-

While maintaining social distance is necessary, it does not follow that maintaining emotional distance is as well. Keep in touch with your loved ones by making video calls and participating in virtual gatherings. Be aware that it’s quite natural to feel overwhelmed during these tough times.

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