With the Rams , In His Presentation How did Jalen Ramsey Play ?

With the Rams , In His Presentation How did Jalen Ramsey Play ?

Five days in the wake of being exchanged from the Jaguars to the Rams – and only four days in the wake of landing in Los Angeles – Jalen Ramsey made his introduction with his new group. They fit up for the Rams on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons, surrendering a slammed guard a truly necessary lift in the optional.

They immediately indicated precisely why the Rams were happy to exchange three draft picks for their, covering Julio Jones everywhere throughout the field in the main half. They was forceful at the catch point and constrained a bunch of deficiencies because of his tight inclusion, while additionally permitting a couple of gatherings – including a 39-yarder on a go course.

They made the feature reel by compelling a bumble with a success on Devonta Freeman, which the Rams ought to have recouped yet neglected to. That kind of physicality is something the Rams love to see at cornerback, as he’s constantly been eager to come up and guard the run.

So how precisely did Ramsey play in their Rams debut? There was without a doubt some great and some awful, yet the positives far exceeded the negatives. In the main half, Jones had four gets for 74 yards on seven targets – pretty much which were all with Ramsey in inclusion. He was pretty much closed down in the subsequent half, however, getting only two goes for 19 yards the remainder of the way. Each of the 19 of those yards went ahead a breathe easy with David Long in inclusion, as well, as Ramsey wasn’t even on the field. They wasn’t out there for Jones’ other second-half catch, either.

Here’s a case of tight inclusion by Ramsey on Jones, just as some junk talk after the play.

Ramsey is an adaptable player who can play any sort of inclusion, which Sean McVay recognized him for after the game.

“It does enable you to do some different things. Certainly, he freed us up where we were able to do a couple different things that we felt good about activating in this game plan,” McVay said. “When you do have a player like him, he’s just got such a versatile skill set. He can certainly play man coverage and come up and challenge guys, he’s got great zone awareness. So really, just adding a player of his caliber enables us to be a little bit more multiple and versatile and that was the case today.”

What makes Ramsey’s presentation even more great – notwithstanding covering Jones – is the way that he did this with only two days of training with the Rams. That put him on the check as far as learning the playbook and getting fit as a fiddle in the wake of missing three weeks with the Jaguars.

“I don’t think you can say enough about his ability to digest the game plan,” McVay said. “He’s kept himself in good shape – I know he had the back thing, but he ended up feeling pretty good. And then I can’t say enough about (CBs coach) Aubrey Pleasant and the job that he did getting him up to speed. He sent me the tip sheet that he had and it was immaculate. I felt like I could play corner after looking at that thing. I think it’s a credit to our defensive coaches’ ability and then Jalen’s ability to demonstrate what a smart, cerebral player he is, in addition to a unique skill set. To be able to come in on short notice with such short practice time and to play the way that he did, it was a big boost to our team, for sure.”

Ramsey wasn’t credited with any pass breakups, however he had four all out handles and a constrained mishandle. Jones was as troublesome a matchup as Ramsey will have this season, and McVay loaded acclaim on the wide collector after the game.

“You’re talking about two of the best at their position,” McVay said. “Julio has been doing it at as high a level as any wide receiver arguably to ever do it at the start of his career. He’s a special player, he can do everything and they use him in a variety of ways. I thought it was two great players battling today.”

Ramsey’s physicality was on full show both against the run and with the ball noticeable all around. They was all over Jones in the main half, playing knock and-run inclusion off the line, compelling Matt Ryan to look somewhere else with his tosses. It gave the breathe easy to get to the pass surge which prompted five sacks by the Rams.

There’s consistently opportunity to get better, however it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why Ramsey is such a distinction producer in the auxiliary.

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