Why Nisha Kapoor Paints: The Reason Behind Her Style And What Art Is To Her

Why Nisha Kapoor Paints: The Reason Behind Her Style And What Art Is To Her

Nisha Kapoor is an Indian artist who’s internationally recognized for her captivating art that speaks of her inner world that’s deep, mystic, blissful, and illuminated. 

The metaphysical experiences that Nisha has been experiencing for more than a decade now serve as the inspiration behind her unique and vivid work. But it was only about two years ago when Nisha took to painting after a metaphysical experience compelled her to paint what she saw. 

“I was drawn to painting as a result of various spiritual experiences I had and most of my artworks are the ones I dream of during these mystic experiences,” she said. 

Painting Her Metaphysical Dreams 

Throughout the world, Nisha has been invited by world-famous platforms such as the International Association of Visuals Artists which eventually led to her receiving the UNESCO badge of affiliation. 

And just recently, Nisha received the Collector’s Vision International Art Award from the Contemporary Art Curator Magazine that celebrates current artists who share their talent and heritage with the world.

But despite all these, she admits that she had never considered herself a painter.

“Art chose me. I paint because I see these beautiful visions in my lucid dreams. Much like Van Gogh, I dream my painting and paint my dreams. So if I dream, I will paint, else I won’t,” Nisha said. 

Art As A Form Of Expression  

Painting, for many artists like Nisha, uses painting as a form of self-expression. And while current trends influence the works of artists, Nisha doesn’t let the recent fads dictate the way she makes art. 

“I paint not to be in trend but because I can’t help but express what I see in my visions,” Nisha said. 

She added that time or the need to be relevant doesn’t matter to her as an artist since she paints to express herself, regardless of how others view her work. 

This approach has also helped her deal with stress and burnout since she doesn’t feel the pressure to create new pieces. Rather, it comes naturally to her and is purely voluntary. 

By expressing herself creatively and translating her dreams on canvas, Nisha Kapoor remains a  well-known personality in the art society. Her work continues to be recognized by galleries and organizations all across the world. 

In the coming few months, she will be exhibiting her paintings in the prestigious Brussels Art Fair, where she is being represented by the VAN GOGH Art Gallery, in Madrid Spain, as well as an art fair in Italy. 
For more information on Nisha Kapoor, check out her Instagram account (@errtistic).

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