Why Every Business Should Be Using Social Media – Patrick Corsino

Why Every Business Should Be Using Social Media – Patrick Corsino

Patrick Corsino is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and investor known for starting multiple successful online business as well as being an early investor in Bitcoin. His journey started in college when he realized the flaws in the education system and took his life into his own hands. Patrick worked as a waiter for some time in order to fund his first business, and the rest is history. Fast forward, Patrick has started multiple businesses and built an investment portfolio that few his age can rival.

Do you think every business should be on social media?

Yes. Social media is a free tool every business should be using to connect with customers and potential customers. Every age group, income level and education level uses social media. It allows every business to build brand recognition and trust with their customers and in return, exponentially grow their revenue and customer base.

What are some tips to succeed on social media?

Go into it with the mindset of building a real relationship with people. It is easy to notice when someone is just out to get customers. Create content that entertains people and makes them want to engage and keep coming back for more. I find that having a content schedule and planned in advanced is really helpful to organize everything and plan out the objectives and goals for your content.

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