What To Consider In Hiring Fire Watch Guards Depending on Location

What To Consider In Hiring Fire Watch Guards Depending on Location

When a building’s fire sprinkler or fire alarm system fails, the owner or management firm is required to engage fire watch guards to patrol the premises and keep an eye out for indications of fire. Any incident involving fire should be handled with great care. Several states in the United States do not require fire watch guards in any situation. Though it is not essential, beware of not using the services of these types of security guards.


There are no fire watch regulations.


As mentioned earlier, there are different jurisdictions or cities that do not require hiring fire watch guards. Therefore, it is important to know that when considering to get the services of these security guards, be informed of the requirements to avoid hefty fines. Especially when you own a business with another in a different county or city, the rules may not be the same. In many jurisdictions, the judgment of the particular fire marshal assigned to your building is the only deciding factor. It also involves the industry norm of having a fire watch guard on-site and keeping a logbook of their observations. You’ll need a fire watch company that is knowledgeable with local standards, making it an essential part of hiring fire watch guards.


Agencies with not enough staff.


Depending on the peak season of every county or state, the service of fire watch guards could be in demand. Their service can range from events, construction sites, or to any situation that they are needed. As a result of this demand, some fire watch guard companies may not be able to provide the number of security guards that you require. Looking for another fire watch service provider could be a hassle since the rates could be different and may not be allowed to work with other guards from another service provider. As a business owner or manager, always ensure that the chosen fire watch company can deliver the required manpower.


Be careful with licensing requirements.


On top of all the issues above, hiring fire watch guards could be tricky. This is because some fire watch security guard providers are not required to have a license specifically for fire watch guards. As a result, you may be able to avail the services of fire watch guards that are not fit for the job. Apart from checking their capacity to provide specific manpower, ensure that they specialize in fire watch services. You may also refer to online reviews or on social media sites like Facebook to verify their authenticity.


As a smart business owner or manager, this should include hiring fire watch guards when needed the most. You should also be aware that even if your current business or property location does not have a regulation regarding fire watch guards, there could be liabilities when something went wrong. Contracting with a registered security company assures that basic background checks have been completed and that the firms have demonstrated their ability to pass state inspection.


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