What is meant by Ceylon cinnamon, Why is it useful for your health?

What is meant by Ceylon cinnamon, Why is it useful for your health?

Cinnamon is a common spice that is found in most Indian kitchens. It is utilized in entire structure just as powdered form. The surface of the cinnamon looks like a tree husk and appropriately so as it is separated by shaving the parts of trees of the Cinnamomum family.

The bark is then dried which prompts its curling. There are four types of cinnamon accessible to us-Ceylon cinnamon, Korintje cinnamon, Cassia cinnamon, and Saigon cinnamon. While Ceylon cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka, Korintje cinnamon has a place with Indonesia and Saigon belongs to Vietnam.

Ceylon versus Cassia cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon- This cinnamon variant has a light brown colour and is otherwise called ‘true cinnamon’. It has a quill-like shape and is not difficult to break. It has different internal moves, which is the reason it tends to be handily recognized. Ceylon cinnamon contains less measures of coumarin, a characteristic plant compound that can cause liver damage.

Cassia cinnamon- This cinnamon variant is darker in shading and has a strong aroma and flavor. A tad of Cassia cinnamon is sufficient to spruce up your dish. It has a hard texture and has quite recently a single inward roll. Cassia cinnamon has a lot of coumarin, which can influence the liver whenever devoured routinely and in enormous sums. Then again, coumarin likewise helps in blood diminishing which is useful for individuals taking hepatotoxic medications.

Uses of Ceylon cinnamon

While the cinnamon powder is utilized in an assortment of pastry kitchen plans like cakes, bread and treats, entire cinnamon sticks are regularly utilized in food photography. Various detox and weight reduction drinks are additionally made utilizing cinnamon which has fat-cutting properties. Another item that is produced using cinnamon will be cinnamon oil. It is added to toothpaste, mouthwashes, soaps, detergents, body lotions and some cosmetics as well.

Advantages of Ceylon cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon is a powerhouse of nutrients and helps your body in a wide range of ways. The oils found in Ceylon cinnamon are said to calm fits, lower cholesterol and lessen gas torment in the mid-region. Little measures of cinnamon can likewise invigorate your craving. Ceylon cinnamon is additionally supposed to be powerful for diabetes patients, as it helps in bringing down glucose. Cinnamon tea additionally helps in weight reduction and furthermore calms feminine spasms. A compound called ‘tannins’ found in Ceylon cinnamon can help in recuperating wounds by going about as an astringent.

Best drink with Ceylon cinnamon

Cinnamon drink or Cinnamon tea is a too powerful detox drink that can help in shedding weight. Here is the way you can set up this excessively simple beverage instantly. Either savor it the morning on a vacant stomach or 30-40 minutes prior to resigning to bed.

Fixings required-1 ½ cup water, 1 inch of Ceylon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon honey, 4-5 tulsi leaves and a few drops of lemon juice.


  • Pour the water in a pan. Add cinnamon and tulsi leaves.
  • Allow it to reach boiling point. Presently cover the pan with a top and let it stew on medium-high fire for 5-6 minutes.
  • Presently take the lid off and stir a bit. You need to stew the water till it lessens to only one cup.
  • Once done, strain the water in a cup and add lemon juice according as you would prefer.
  • In conclusion, mix a teaspoon of honey in it and taste it warm.

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