Top 7 Heart-Healthy Yoga Poses to Celebrate International Yoga Day

Top 7 Heart-Healthy Yoga Poses to Celebrate International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on June 21. Yoga Day celebrates the ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice of yoga. This year, the 10th International Yoga Day is held with the motto “Yoga for Self and Society”. From maintaining a healthy weight to improving mental health, yoga can improve overall health in many ways. There has been a sharp rise in cases of heart disease in recent years. Yoga can be used as an effective way to improve heart health and control the risk of heart disease. As International Yoga Day is approaching, here are some yoga poses that are good for your heart.

International Yoga Day 2024: Yoga Poses for a Healthy Heart

1. Cobra Pose

Also known as Bhujangasana, Cobra Pose benefits the heart, lungs and digestion. Performing this yoga pose reduces back pain, improves blood circulation and reduces stress. Cobra Pose also benefits the adrenal glands and thyroid gland.

2. Bow Pose

Dhanurasana or Bow Pose helps in strengthening the back and abdominal muscles. It gives amazing health benefits like improved digestion, better posture, increased lung capacity and stronger back muscles.

3. Mountain Pose

Mountain Pose or Tadasana helps in weight management, stress relief, improved breathing patterns and increased flexibility. Tadasana also improves blood circulation and strengthens the core muscles.

4. Triangle Pose

Trikonsana is a simple yoga pose with amazing health benefits. It promotes heart health, improves digestion and strengthens the legs, hips, back, shoulders and chest.

Triangle Pose boosts immunity, improves balance, reduces stress and anxiety and increases concentration.

5. Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose or Setu Bandhasana helps in controlling blood pressure and improving overall heart health. It is also beneficial for those with thyroid problems.

Bridge Pose is also good for mental health.

6. Corpse Pose

Though Corpse Pose looks simple, it is one of the most difficult yoga asanas and the aim is to relax both physically and mentally during this exercise.

Corpse Pose reduces stress, lowers heart rate and blood pressure.

7. Seated Forward Bend

Paschimottanasana massages the internal organs, relieves digestive problems, stretches the hips and strengthens the shoulders. Sitting forward bends are also good for the heart.

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