Top 5 Ways Crypto Marketing Agencies Drive VC Interest in Your Business

Top 5 Ways Crypto Marketing Agencies Drive VC Interest in Your Business

The level of technology and the ingenuity of the human mind have made cryptocurrencies a viable and suitable means of making a lot of money.

Despite their importance, various cryptocurrencies still rely on investors to increase their value. This is where cryptocurrency PR, marketing agencies and investment firms come into play.

So let’s take a look at how a cryptocurrency marketing agency can help connect your business with venture capitalists and investment firms.

What is a Cryptocurrency Marketing Agency?

Simply put, a cryptocurrency marketing agency helps cryptocurrency companies or projects attract investors by using their knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry to grow their client’s project, achieve their goals and attract new investors.

Investment firms collect and pool their clients’ assets and invest them in carefully selected investments.

For cryptocurrency projects, the attention and partnerships of investment firms affect the value of the cryptocurrency project.

Strategic PR Building

One of the most traditional and effective means of promoting and attracting individuals and investment companies is strategic PR building. Crypto marketing agencies promote crypto projects by building a PR image.

Finally, investment companies only partner with trustworthy companies and high-return opportunities. Promoting your crypto project as a trustworthy company to invest in will attract the attention of one or more companies.

Product/Service Positioning

When it comes to partnerships, investment companies always choose the companies that will benefit them the most. A crypto marketing and PR agency will meet this challenge by highlighting the benefits and potential profits that can be achieved.

To this end, a crypto marketing and PR agency will create content based on metrics and data that show the value and potential profits or benefits that can be achieved.

Skyrocket used strategies such as a media offensive to raise awareness and showcase key figures and data. This helped them position themselves as the best crypto project to invest in.

Building Opinion Leadership Image

Crypto marketing agencies attract influential investment firms by establishing their company/cryptocurrency project as a legitimate and influential brand through opinion leadership.

Crypto marketing agencies use strategies such as media blitzes by uploading and publishing articles and other content to flood advertising platforms and show that the company or cryptocurrency project is a hot topic.

Secondly, crypto marketing agencies help with participation in legitimate events such as conferences and webinars to increase visibility and show that the project is legitimate.

In the early days of cryptocurrency, the decentralized network Chainlink established itself as a thought leader through the efforts of its co-founder Sergey Nazarov. Nazarov achieved this by publishing and producing several articles and essays about his product.


Most existing crypto marketing and PR agencies have connections to investment firms through their previous clients.

This relationship also allows the agency to build a network that future clients can benefit from. Government agencies only need to establish these projects as unique and potential for future investment.

This is how NFTs and their marketing agencies can network with influencers and promote NFTs as a viable investment vehicle. As influencers promoting NFTs gain more visibility, investment firms are also taking notice.

Data Analytics

In the context of how crypto marketing and PR agencies position their products and build PR, data analytics allows these agencies to have specific and accurate information to promote crypto projects/products.

These agencies look at metrics, KPIs, and other relevant data to demonstrate their value and performance.

A good example is how Skyrocket used media hype to build awareness.


Overall, partnering with an investment firm not only increases the value of your cryptocurrency but also attracts other investors and companies. To achieve this, crypto marketing and PR agencies employ various strategies to promote their client’s projects, products, and services.

First, the agency relies on strategic PR to reinforce the client’s image as a credible project that investment firms can invest in and generate sales.

Second, the agency also presents the benefits that can be gained by positioning your product/service in the client’s project. The agency then promotes these projects based on the metrics and other relevant data it collects.

Third, the agency attracts influential investment firms by establishing your company/cryptocurrency project as a legitimate and prestigious brand. Agencies do this by creating content and attending legitimate events to showcase their projects.

Finally, some larger agencies have networks of investment firms, and clients can use these networks to communicate and build relationships through them.

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