Top 5 IT Companies Leading the Tech Scene in Turkey

Top 5 IT Companies Leading the Tech Scene in Turkey

Like any other major economic center, Turkey is home to IT companies. Not only does the country have a significant domestic startup scene, but it also serves as a regional hub for multinational technology companies operating in the Middle East and Africa. If you want to know the major players in the market, these are a good place to start.

Top IT Companies in Turkey


IBM is a technology and professional services company with products ranging from artificial intelligence to cloud services, quantum computing, business automation and cybersecurity, and has been strong in Turkey for over 85 years. The company has branches in Ankara and Istanbul.


Microsoft is best known for its big-name brands like Windows, Office 365, and Xbox, but it’s also the company behind Azure, the world’s second-largest cloud service, and a leader in artificial intelligence. The company’s Istanbul office is one of its headquarters for the Middle East and Africa region, and it hires locally for both technical and sales roles.


If you don’t know who Google is, you can always look it up, but the company’s offerings go far beyond its eponymous search engine. Google is a cloud provider, the company that developed the Android mobile operating system, and one of the biggest forces in targeted advertising. And like many other international tech giants, the company has an office in Istanbul.

Dream Games

Dream Games is the developer of Royal Match, a casual puzzle game for mobile devices with nearly 9 million reviews across Google Play and the Apple App Store. The mobile game developer is headquartered in Istanbul with a large development and marketing team in the city.


Papara is a Turkey-based financial technology company that initially offered a prepaid Mastercard in the domestic market. It has since expanded its services to include remittances, payments, precious metals, savings and insurance, and according to its website, processes millions of transactions every month.

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