Top 15 Free Agent Power Forwards for the 2024 NBA Season

Top 15 Free Agent Power Forwards for the 2024 NBA Season

There are several intriguing power forwards who have a chance to become free agents in the 2024 NBA offseason, but obviously no bigger name will hit the open market than LeBron James. The Lakers megastar is one of the greatest and most famous basketball players of all time, and now there is a chance to see the legend play for the fourth team in his NBA career.

James has a player option in his contract for next season. His decision is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated free agent decisions since signing with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018.

But aside from James, there isn’t much talent at the power forward position available on the open market. In fact, this is arguably the weakest free agent position group this year. Pascal Siakam has already signed a new contract with the Indiana Pacers, many of the top power forwards in free agency are restricted free agents, and James could even decide to exercise his player option and return to Los Angeles.

Still, the possibility that James might leave a sinking ship and begin a new chapter in his NBA career is intriguing, and was enough for us to look at what other power forwards hitting the open market this offseason.

Here are the top 15 power forwards who will be free agents when the negotiating period opens on Sunday, June 30 at 6:00 PM ET. Players can officially sign with their new teams on Saturday, July 6 at 12:01 PM ET.

15. P.J. Tucker: Los Angeles Clippers, player option

Last season was the worst for the PJs. Tucker’s career began in his rookie year in 2006-07. He was traded midway through the season and played in just 31 games. Tucker contributed just 1.7 points per game, due to his usually reliable corner three-point shooting not working as well as he usually does.

He is now 39 years old, so he probably won’t get another NBA contract. For this reason, it would be wise for the veteran to exercise his player option if he decides not to retire. If Tucker does hit the open market, his veteran presence could be valuable.

14. Haywood Highsmith: Miami Heat, UFA

A common pattern for the Heat is that the team develops unknown players who have enough success in Miami to earn more money with their new team. Haywood Highsmith could be a player that confirms this trend. Highsmith is one of many undrafted success stories that have thrived in the Heat culture.

13. Bol Bol: Phoenix Suns, UFA

The clock is ticking for Bol Bol’s career. There are still those who believe the unicorn player has untapped potential, but he never managed to live it up for any of the three teams he played for in the NBA. He has unique skills, but he just couldn’t come off the bench.

Bol is 7-foot-11, but he can handle and throw the ball like a winger. His lack of defensive awareness, strength and efficiency kept him from being a rotation player, let alone a star, as some would consider him.

12. Jeff Green: Houston Rockets, Team Option

The Rockets are a promising team with a lot of young talent. It makes sense for Houston to pick up the option on Jeff Green as he is an experienced player who can help the team take the next step.

11. Jae Crowder: Milwaukee Bucks, UFA

Throughout his career, Jae Crowder has often been the fourth or fifth option on contending teams. While his tenure with the Bucks didn’t go entirely to plan, he has experience playing in key moments that could be of use to free agents.

10. Taurean Prince: Los Angeles Lakers, UFA

Primarily sitting on the bench since 2020, Taurean Prince assumed a starter role last season. He’s looking to have a good season in his contract year and get paid in the offseason.

9. Nicolas Batum: Philadelphia 76ers, UFA

Nicolas Batum feels like he’s been around forever, but he’s still got it going. He’s been able to start and finish a lot of games for competitive teams over the last few seasons because he does the little things that lead to wins.

He gets timely rebounds and has advanced passing skills as a power forward. While it’s expected that he’ll fade sooner or later, at 36 years old, there’s a chance Batum will be a mainstay again next season.

8. Naji Marshall: New Orleans Pelicans, UFA

Bringing back Naji Marshall may be easier said than done, as the Pelicans have a strong team. Marshall will be an unrestricted free agent and will have the freedom to sign with any team he wants.

7. Simone Fontecchio: Detroit Pistons, RFA

Clear shots have been rare for the Pistons over the past few seasons due to poor roster construction. But they took a step in the right direction with the Simone Fontecchio trade, so keeping him as a restricted free agent makes a lot of sense. The stretch-four’s three-point shooting and spacing would help solve some of Detroit’s biggest issues.

6. Kyle Anderson: Minnesota Timberwolves, UFA

Kyle Anderson has an unconventional game. He may be the slowest player in the league, and his jump shot is by no means the prettiest. Still, he’s an effective player. His unique style of play makes him a formidable opponent for some defenders, and his playmaking ability at 6-foot-9 is a great attribute. The player nicknamed Slo Mo had a down year with the Timberwolves, but should bounce back next year with his new team.

5. Patrick Williams: Chicago Bulls, RFA

Patrick Williams is reportedly looking for a huge contract. That may be unfair, as Williams hasn’t reached the level to be a No. 4 pick yet. But that doesn’t mean he’s a bad player. Williams is a gadget player who can do a little bit of everything.

4. Saddiq Bey: Atlanta Hawks, RFA

Saddiq Bey was part of the big trade that brought him to Atlanta. It’s now clear that the Hawks won the trade and now they have to make a decision regarding a free agent winger. Assuming the team doesn’t falter and wants to continue to grow around Trae Young, keeping a defensive presence like Bey makes sense.

3. Obi Toppin: Indiana Pacers, RFA

Most of the best power forwards who could become free agents in 2024 are restricted free agents. The majority of restricted free agents don’t end up with a new team because the player’s team can carry over contracts they signed elsewhere.

The best at the power forward position among restricted free agents is high-flyer Obi Toppin, who plays for the Indiana Pacers. Toppin helped the Pacers reach the Eastern Conference Finals this year and is a big reason why the team has such an elite offense. However, he didn’t get much playing time in four games because Indiana traded for Pascal Siakam.

The Pacers also just signed a new player to an extension at the deadline, putting Toppin’s future with the team in further question.

2. Tobias Harris: Philadelphia 76ers, UFA

Tobias Harris has gotten a lot of hate over the past few seasons, mostly because his last contract was huge. Now that he’s a free agent, putting the contract jokes aside, teams will be eager to sign the potential former 76ers forward. If you ignore the fact that he was overpaid, he’s still a player who scored in double figures for 12 straight seasons.

Harris isn’t a top option, but he’s a valuable starter and one of the best power forwards who will be free agents in the coming years. No matter which team signs him, you can expect the Tennessee native to score just under 20 points per game.

1. LeBron James: Los Angeles Lakers, Player Option

LeBron James is the greatest small forward of all time, but he played for just four teams in the final years of his career. James doesn’t have the long-term free agent potential of Tyrese Maxey, but he’s certainly a big name with a chance to hit the open market.

James has a lot of options, which is always a big question when it comes to free agency. The most likely outcome is that James will join the team that drafted his son, Bronny James. While the younger James isn’t considered a surefire first-round pick, there’s a good chance someone will take a chance on him, especially if it means enticing the older James.

James’ agent, Rich Paul, said LeBron wouldn’t necessarily join Bronny no matter where he was drafted, but father-son duos in sports are legendary, and it certainly seems like the most likely option. It took years, as the offseason in which LeBron could become a free agent perfectly lined up with the year Bronny was scheduled to enter the NBA.


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