Tips to Edit Gameplay Videos

If you are a gamer and love to show off your gaming skills to the world, then just recording your gaming screen with an external camera is not enough. No matter how good your gaming skills are or at what level you play games, an unedited video will not get you any followers or views.

Your gaming video has to be engaging to grab and retain the attention of the audience and to increase your fanbase. Don’t just post unedited or raw gaming videos. Instead, use a video editor to edit it and make it enjoyable.

Tips to Edit Gameplay Videos Using Online Video Editor

1) Prepare a Plan to Edit Your Video

Before starting your gameplay, step back and take a pause. Plan a good gameplay production. It doesn’t mean that you have to prepare the commentaries or a script in detail. You just need to have clarity about the type of video you want to make and how you want your video to look. The following elements are important to be considered while planning a gameplay production.

  • Gaming Video Genre: Think about the video you want to make and upload on your channel. Whether you want to make a walkthrough or a game review, or a gag, choosing the type of video you want to create will help you focus on recording more interesting and appealing videos. This will also help in making editing choices and deciding on a good online video editor.
  • The Objective of the Video: Ask yourself if you are making the video to boost your views or just for fun? It is important to ask this question because it will help you to know your target audience and what they are expecting.
  • The Soundtrack of the Video: Decide the soundtrack for your video. Make sure to check your microphones if you want to use voice comments. Even if you want to add background music, the original sound of the game is needed.

Planning a gameplay production will not only help you organize the structure of the video but also impact your choice of a video editor.

2) Choose a Video Editor According to Your Requirements

There are countless online video editors that can edit your gameplay video and make them engaging and attractive. Choose a video maker that is compatible with your operating system. These online video editors give you plenty of templates and various other engaging elements like animated visuals, GIFs, stickers, special effects, etc.

Finding and choosing the best right video editor is essential to engaging, interesting, professional, and high-quality videos. Do the research and check out the best editor that has all the features according to your expectations. Now that you have chosen the appropriate tool, launch it and import your gaming video to edit it.

3) Eliminate the Boring Stuff

Avoid doing extra work and start by cutting off unnecessary and irrelevant footage. Make sure to select the best parts of the video that you want to edit. If you want to create a clip with the best, the most epic, and the funniest moments, then always make sure to eliminate all the other stuff and keep the clips related to these particular moments.

Cut the clutter! Don’t be tempted to keep the extra unnecessary stuff than what is needed. This will give a proper structure to your video and make it more interesting and fun. Go back and look at the plan you created initially and keep the necessary footage according to your script. Repeat this process as many times as required to cut the unwanted parts and keep the relevant parts using the online video editor.

4) Combine the Remaining Parts and Add Titles and Transitions

Now that you have decluttered your video, combine the remaining parts. But combining all the clips alone won’t be enough to keep your viewers interested and engaged in the video for a longer time. Try to spice up your video by editing the clips and footage. You can edit the video by trimming it or splitting it from the middle, or cutting a clip apart. Editing is not only required for the video but also for the audio part.

Give your gameplay video a professional look by adding titles and transitions to it. Choose the best transitions and titles that you want to add to your video. But adding transitions to your gameplay video is not always a good idea. There are already a lot of things going on in a gameplay video; that is why it needs to have just minimalist effects.

5) Audio Effects for the Gameplay Video

It is fun, exciting, interesting, and important to edit a gameplay video. But most of the time, gamers either forget or ignore editing the audio part of the video, which is a very big mistake. The audio sounds and effects. The original sound of the video might affect the overall quality of your video. It is better to use the online video editor to edit the audio and sounds of your video.

Even if you want to keep the original sound of your video, make sure to add background music accordingly. Make sure that the background sound does not overlap with the video’s original sound.

6) Add Picture-In-Picture Effect

Ensure that the online software you have chosen has a picture-in-picture effect, i.e., the feature to add yourself to the video. Placing yourself in the video makes your video more interesting and engaging and boosts views.

7) Show the Best Moments and Create an Intro

Here, the effects and transitions play an important role. If you want to highlight the best moments in your gameplay video, use the best transitions and effects provided by your online video software. It will be of great significance to grab the viewer’s attention.

An intro added to your gameplay video will help you stand out. It will also work as a call to action for your channel and increase your viewer base.


With the right recording equipment and editing tools, you can become a professional game streamer. Since the gaming market is pretty popular these days, anyone can try their luck.











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