These 5 cooking methods will help you lose weight more successfully

These 5 cooking methods will help you lose weight more successfully

We follow to dozens of diet plans, exercise schedules, and other dos and don’ts when we first begin our weight loss process. Everyone is knowledgeable about the diets to follow in order to lose weight, but many are unaware of the cooking techniques that are as vital if we want to lose weight. When prepared properly, food can retain nutrients and help with weight loss. The following healthy cooking methods won’t just aid in weight management; they’ll also help you preserve the flavour and taste of the foods you enjoy eating.

cooking techniques for weight loss –

Vegetables should be chopped into larger pieces since they absorb less oil. It is both healthier and tastier to gently coat the ingredients in oil before cooking them if you want to reduce your consumption of fat. Large slices will preserve the vegetables’ natural colour and wetness. so reducing both its nutritional content and value.

Don’t completely peel the veggie –

To extract the most nutrients from the vegetable, keep the skin on. The fibre in the peels fills the stomach and curbs the desire for frequent snacks. Foods like apples, potatoes, cucumbers, brinjal, and tomatoes should still have their skin on.

Spice your food using herbs and spices –

Black pepper and cardamom, two freshly ground spices, provide immune-boosting health benefit and can help you stay slim. These spices provide taste to food without increasing its sodium or calorie content.

An ordinary dish can appear fresh and delicious by adding fresh herbs like rosemary, basil, and curry leaves.

Vegetables are microwaved –

Vegetables can benefit from being microwaved because the nutrients are retained and it takes less time. Microwaving veggies to steam them is a great way to cook food without adding any additional ingredients. A study found that microwave cooking conserved more vitamin C in broccoli than steaming or boiling.

Sauté’, don’t fry –

Vegetables dehydrate when deep-fried because the fat is absorbed into the food. Vegetables cook well when sautéed in virgin olive oil. Because it has one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants and phytonutrients among cooking oils, olive oil is a fantastic option for sifting.

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