Taco Bell declares the brings back of Beefy Potato-rito

Taco Bell declares the brings back of Beefy Potato-rito

After momentarily removing it from their menu, Taco Bell brought potatoes back this year. Evidently, the fast-food franchise’s fans love the stuff because the menu is going to get even potato-fied.

Taco Bell declared in a public statement that the Beefy Potato-rito will be getting back to the restaurant’s menu on April 15th. Additionally, the potato-filled burrito will possibly cost a dollar when it returns.

The returning burrito is made with Taco Bell’s popular crispy potatoes, which are wrapped in a flour tortilla with seasoned beef, nacho cheese sauce and a creamy Chipotle sauce. While it will not officially return to menus until April fifteenth, individuals from Taco Bell’s prizes program can get early admittance to the Beefy Potato-rito starting today.

Taco Bell took potatoes back to its menu on March 11 of this current year, subsequent to rebuilding its menu in 2020 to oblige for more drive-through amicable things in the midst of the Covid pandemic. One of the progressions was the expulsion of all potato things — a move that was not met with acclaim from a considerable lot of the chain’s vegetarian and vegan customers (alongside numerous meat-eating customers who actually loved a good potato).

Information on Taco Bell’s “re-potato-ing” came months after backlash on social media and, in any event one case, an in-person demonstration, during which two men were spotted protesting the loss of potatoes outside of a Taco Bell in San Diego. A man who witnessed the dissent additionally filmed it, and told the protesters that he’s vegetarian, and would not be eating at the restaurant anymore.

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