Spotify’s desktop app receives a revamped UI, downloads, and improved playlist curation

Spotify’s desktop app receives a revamped UI, downloads, and improved playlist curation

Spotify is launching a recently redesigned desktop app today by adjusting it to its mobile applications’ interface. There are a lot of new features in this invigorated application, yet for me, the best one is the ability to download songs for premium clients.

As a rule, you download songs on your phone for traveling or the times when the network is patchy. However, They think downloading them on the desktop is also significant. This could be helpful for when forgot to download an album on your phone while taking a flight, or you essentially don’t have any desire to utilize your phone for some time.

Additionally, whenever Spotify’s Hi-Fi service arrives, you can tune in to your offline tracks through a better audio setup that plugs into your desktop than your telephone when your internet service is choppy.

Aside from this, Spotify is making it simpler to build and search for playlists. You would now be able to add images and descriptions to your playlists so others may see effectively what’s it about. For making new playlist, you can now drag and drop songs, or even find new tracks straightforwardly through the embedded search bar in the playlist view.

The listeners’ profile page currently includes top artists and tracks. Additionally, you can search for tracks in your library through many filters, for example, most relevant, recently played, and recently added. They think these filters make it significantly simpler for me to get around my library and add recently played tracks that I liked.

Spotify is also presenting synced lyrics for the web version and a one-click method to start an artist radio. The overhauled application will roll out beginning today, and you can download the version appropriate for your system.

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